misheard lyrics
something to confess?

There's no use trying to hide it - we all do it - so you might as well confess it.
It's that moment when it goes really quiet all of a sudden as everybody catches you singing the wrong words to your favourite Delirious? tunes. Embarrassing isn't it. Oh well, you might as well tell us about it now that you're here.
I've started the ball rolling by admitting that I thought Martin had a problem with acid indigestion :)

Your biggest nightmare will be posted here within a few days.

Confess your blunders here .


> All I Want Is You
> August 30th
> Beautiful Sun
> Blindfold
> Bliss
Come Like You Promise
> Coming Back
> Deeper
> Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
Happy Song
> Heaven
> History Maker
> I've Found Jesus
> I've Searched For Gold
> Jesus' Blood
King Or Cripple
> Kiss Your Feet
Louder Than The Radio
> Mezzanine Floor
> Obsession
> O Lead Me
> Promise
> Revival town
> The Crucible For Silver

Our thanks to The Archive of Misheard Lyrics for this idea.