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> Kenneth Caudill says

I finally got a chance to listen to the Mezza CD. I have heard all the talk about Delirious selling out, but after what I just listened to I simply can't understand how anyone could possibly think that. It's Ok is absolutely beautiful and the "word" that so many people have talked about is so obvious in its use that I am truly amazed that it has caused so much controversy. And Jesus Blood, well it almost brought me to tears, nuff said!! Now onto another thing many have been talking about, the direction Delirious is taking with their music. I see so many people wanting to see Delirious go back to the cutting edge days, but they would no longer be on the cutting edge if they went back to that. While those songs are still incredibly powerful they are no longer on the cutting edge of God. Now I don't think that they should abandon praise & worship cause it's obvious that God has truly given them a gift in that area, but they need to grow and bring forth the new sounds of God. Something to consider would be to go into a concert with the mindset of it not being their concert, but God's concert. And just go in with their set list and just be open at all times to let God interrupt them and take over. That way it's guaranteed to be a success. As long as they continue to let God be the main attraction they will not only turn the christian music scene upside down, but they will truly become History Makers and start a revolution that'll sweep the entire world!!

> Jenny says

Hi! I'd just like to encourage you all to go to www.totp.beeb.com and email top of the pops to ask them to get Delirious on the show, I mean it's about time surely?! Thanks, Jenny <><


> The King Sisters! says

Just a wee note to say a big "hurray!" for getting in the top 20! You rock!! Keep up the good work, it's about time a Christian band is in the charts. We'll be watching this space for more hits! (We'd also like to take this opportunity to invite you over to Belfast again, Please?!) God Bless. R&S!


> Will Newnham says

I am speechless all I can say is well done lads. I've just been to the John peel discussion page on radio one and after him giving you air play there multiple messages from fans but there seems to be the comfusion that the lads are from Manchester!


> thekingsfool says

Great web-site guys! I've only just stumbled across this site in the last couple of days and I am impressed by it's content!!! It's great to have a site like this where there is plenty of room for interaction and where there is real genuine support for delirious?, furious? and all involved including people like you and I. This attitude is reflected in your stance on respecting furious?'s decision to not allow reproduction of words and music and not only that but endorsing the fact that you can buy them at a fair price. This attitude is selfless, honouring to God and displays maturity and integrity and is much needed in the church....so a big pat on the halo to all involved!! By the way my name is Steve and I live in Birmingham where I'm studying at the university.....I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you guys!!

> thekingsfool says

......can anyone explain to me how the mailing list and newsgroup thing works.....I think I have subscribed to the mailing list I have to reply to an email...does this sound right?? Or I have just signed up for some teletubby memorabilia by mistake???!!!


> harwin says

hi, i'm from the netherlands and saw delirious in the summer of 1998 on the "Flevo Totaal Festival" in my country, They were absolute top of the festival. I hope if the band reads this that they resee their statement of being a only-uk-band. I would advice anyone reading this and who lives the Christian way to come to the Netherlands, if u are able too, to the biggest gospelfestival in europe from 20 august till 23 august 2000 in Eindhoven. (Flevo Totaal Festival.) greetings from the lowlands meadows, Harwin

> sahra says

Hey! i just got the two it's ok singles (ordered them in from gold records) and i just wanted to say that in pursuit of happiness is such an awesome song!!!!!!!!!! p.s. is anyone else having trouble accessing the videos??? and not getting a track 3 on cd2???


> Erick Zazueta says

Hi! I'm from Mexico, and I think Delirious? most be heard more often in my country, besides we speak spanish, there are a lot of people that speak english, and Delirious? would be a blessing here. I want their stuff to be in the Mexican stores!! Right now, Beautiful Sun is in one mexican radio station, and the mexican peolple love it!!!!!! God is raising with his praises!!!!! Thanx!


> chris noble says

chart succes isnt the main thing the praise to god is, so we shouldnt care if it gets to number 20 although its nice, if they tried releasing a more christian song like ive ffound jesus it wouldnt work, they havent sold out thougfh the album is greta i wish them all succes and i hop ethey can continue theresuccess

> Estelle says

Hey hannah (Soulsista and fellow daughter of the king!) Here is the message as promised, can't wait for the southern FM music jam its gonna rock (especially as the best band ever will be playing there, thats delirious of course!) See you soon luv! Estelle


> J Yuen says

Hi! First time at the POV. I wanted to ask if anyone knew about this song called "Hang on to You". Its on the new Luna Halo CD "Shimmer". In the CD sleeve, its says the song was written by Martin and the copyright on it is the year 2000 on Curious? Is this a new song or an old one that's been redone or what? The song sounds pretty good. Would like to hear the d: version though. Thanks!