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> Gareth Harrison says

Deliriou5? really are a TOP BAND!
I've seen them live quite a few times over the last few years -
in their current line up and as the Cutting Edge band - and they're
been spot on every time, but I've got to say that their best gigs
have been the more 'intimate' ones - there's nothing to top the
major worship seesion they did at a special gig in Coventry Cathedral
last year - it was awesome!
(PS. Spurious? is a cool site, but is a bit slow at times! Any chance
of it speeding up?!?)

Spurious? say
Does anyone else think that Delirious? have traded-off a major part of
their ministry to Christians in order to reach non-Christians? Should
the guys do some smaller church gigs like they used to as well as the
big venues? We're looking into the speed of the site at the moment.


> Jamie Clark says

As Gareth says the boys are on top form and there is no denying that
the desire to reach non christians is big, and no matter what some
might say i do believe they will begin to influence people, maybe even
get some christians back. However i know this year has been a get
ready US year, and i wonder if the less commited fans will be as
excited when the new stuff comes out since there has been no real
communication with all d:fans.
Enough of that though, they are still on top form and they did give
us the D:Tour album which is a classic in every sense. I still miss
the quiet gigs though, the powerful gigs, and i miss the way they do
What A Friend. That is one of the best worship songs out even now.
Finally, thank you for spurious, its really good and up to date with
info. (P.S. when is the new picture coming for us to stretch!!)

Spurious? say
Thanks for your kind comments :) We hope to have another picture to
stretch very soon.


> Mike Cartwright says

Well I think I have to agree with the previous comments, I do miss
the more quiet more worshipful sessions that they used to do. I saw
them in Newcastle last year twice and you could just sense God
speaking through the intimacy through the classic Did you feel the
mountains tremble and What a friend I've found. Don't get me wrong,
I love getting down to some serious spiritual dancing in a Delirio5?
gig but I still miss the classic stuff.
Anyway I think God has really blessed the band and I pray that they
may continue to stay focused on Him. Well on a lighter note, I moved
from the UK in the last few months to Spain, here in the Costa del
Sol (brought the whole of the Deliriou5? discography with me of
course!). The strange thing is nobody here has heard of
Well never mind, they will soon!

Spurious? say
It would be interesting to know how easy it is for those outside UK
and US to get hold of Delirious? releases through the distibutors.
Does anyone have any experience of this?


> Mike Hartley says

I must agree with the comments about the gigs. I saw D: @ leicester
in may and the highlight of the gig was when Martin sat down on his
own and played a completely solo version of "Lord you have my heart"
- the atmosphere in the hall changed and people really got into the
worship. At Soul Survivor B the gig was great but lacked the worshipful
stuff and a couple of the group I was with actually left early!! At
gigs like that, whilst we like to be the first to hear new stuff, it
would be no problem to do a worship set (hey, how about the Happy song
guys!!) as people are there to worship anyway! just my tuppence worth
there ;-)


> Stuart Summers says

Was at the gig at Shepeherd's Bush Empire last night. Excellent
performance with a number of the new songs given an outing. It was
powerful stuff, with a definite sense of God's presence in the new
songs (as well as, of course, the old ones). Delirious are clearly
being called to drive the Gospel message through the intersection
between Chiristan worship music and secular rock culture. It's
exciting to see it happening and I really hope they succeed in a
big way. One thing concerning me slightly though: I know its hard
to catch the words of new songs on first hearing, but I do get the
impression that the word 'Jesus' is now banned at their live gigs
and one wonders how many times it will feature in the songs on the
new album. Any thoughts?

> Jamie Clark says

Delirious are set to be soo good next year, all i can say is get
ready, next year is the big one. The musical direction is more loud,
slightly less moshy, u cant mosh top it like Come like u promise or
im not ashamed, but it is soo good and in your face.

> Bill Fish says

The old gigs were top notch to say the least. I got to see only one
of them a few years ago, but I totally understand the desire to keep
them. Live and in the Can portrays some vintage Delirious. I
personally feel however, that the new stuff is the right way to go.
God has given Delirious a calling to bridge the gap between normal
pop Christian music and the rest of the music industry. Like they said
themselves "open up the doors and let the music play." The idea is to
get the music out there. This doesn't mean that the message is
compromised. "We're still not ashamed." Jesus should shine through
whatever they do. I think this new stuff can be just as powerful as
some of the old stuff. When I first heard "Heaven" I could feel the
anointing. The new stuff is just as anointed as their more worship
oriented music. It's just geared more for the ear and not the voice.
I love all their music, going back even to Cutting Edge One. As long
as the music is anointed and Jesus is proclaimed, I'm all for it. Even
if the message is less overt, as long as the heart for God is evident,
it'll tear down the walls. I know this is where God is leading
Delirious, and I'll support them in whatever God leads them to do.


> James Ots says

I don't think the name Jesus has been banned at D:gigs - after all,
they did sing that new song 'The blood of Jesus saves me', didn't they?
I agree that 'Lord you have my heart' at Leicester was also my best
D:moment recently.


> Adam Evans says

Recently (including KOF) d:'s style and lyrics has changed. The lyrics
have mainly changed to a direction meaning. Martin said a while ago
that there lyrics are mainly about their life experiences, rather than
preaching. The style has also changed to a slightly more secular style.


> Jeff Thompson says

I don't think any of us can question the hearts of these boys. They are
role models for all Christians, but I really miss the true, powerful
worship style of the Cutting Edge era. Why is there no Happy Song on
any of the live albums? There new stuff is awesome and is far more likely
to reach the masses of the unsaved, and I believe that's what God's
calling them to do. Maybe instead of moaning, we should all be praying
for God to anoint us with the gift of music and start writing more
awesome songs inspired by the Spirit so that groups like Delirio5?
wouldn't be such a rarity. God bless!


> Gareth Harrison says

It's really interesting to hear what other d:fans think of Delirious's
'latest sounds'. I know right back at the top of the page I said that
their earlier gigs were more intimate, but there's no doubt they're
still doing great things.
On the subject of them being less Jesus-oriented in lyrics etc, I
don't think that really is the case. Even when they don't explicitly
use His name, they still imply loads of Christian stuff in their words.
And the spiel between songs is always spot on. I remember when I first
saw Martin leading worship at Spring Harvest a few years back now, the
thing that struck me first was what a humble and genuine guy he was -
and I reckon that he's still just as committed to doing right by God,
if not more so.
Anyway, that's all from me for the moment... Scooby - thanks for
speeding up the site...maybe my phone bill will be a little bit
cheaper next month!!


> Anon says

I'm off Delirious at the moment. Is it just me (and people I know)
or is there really a bit of a backlash in Christian circles at the
moment towards the band? It's hard to put your finger on it but there
seems to be something missing from the new stuff. In all honesty, I
think King of Fools was a bit patchy with perhaps only 4 or 5 songs
that were really up to scratch - especially compared to the old
material. I think the new material will be make or break. Do they
have the same support of Christians in the UK as they did 18 months
ago? Or has enthusiasm dropped a bit? I'll be wanting to hear the new
material first before I buy it: there'll be no rushing out on the day
of release this time!


> Marianne Sadler says

I just want say how much i love and adore Delirious? i got saved
while i was still at home in England, 2 years ago on August 29th
1996 'God called me to America, 6/7 months later i came to the US,
in 97' and this year 1998' i came across their music, and also this
year i came across quite a trial, and their music has really helped
me with my Relationship with the Lord, and has helped me though this
trial,along with their music, has helped me(amongst other things)
come to a place where i have wanted to be with the Lord, their
lyrics sing of a longing to be with Lord and to be Rescued by him.
And i love it! their ministry is stretching farther than they'll
ever know! i will pray that these guy's will stay focused on the Lord.
keep it up guy's!


> Christopher Michael says

As a worshiper I would just like to commend Martin and the rest of
the band for creating songs that touch the most intimate parts of
God. From the prophetic and powerful lyrics of "Shout to the North"
to the soft and intimate depts of "What a Friend I've Found", your
music has impacted my heart forever. Love your music and hope to see
lots more of it in the United States.


> Sunny Thomas says

run with it d:!! The message is loud...the message is clear. You
guys are the single most influential worship sound anywhere!! Keep
the songs flowing without compromise. Keep the deep "worship" at
the big gigs. God's awesome agenda for you guys is clear. Run with it!!!
5 December 98

> Heather says

I'm really annoyed that I can't visit the website, because I'm at
university and we aren't allowed to download things like plug-ins,
so I can't even get past the entrance page.... Ahhhhhhh!

Spurious? say
hehe - don't worry, you're not alone. we've had many emails from
fans who can't visit the site. we've let furious? know about the
problem, and they say they're looking into it ... but it took
them two years to get this far, so expect the next update in
November 2000. you're not missing much - the site is quite
impressive to begin with, but it soon becomes *very* annoying. all
the buttons have sound effects which aren't quite kitch and aren't
quite cool. i've found it's performance to be irratic, and it eats cpu.
we're committed to relaying any important info on this site, (which
just so happens to be designed for people to read, not just to impress),
so you wont miss out on anything.


> Mike Cartwright says

As a worship leader and worshipper myself, many times I have used
Martin's songs in order to bring worshippers into a closer intimacy
with God. Most songs that I have chosen were selected from his earlier
albums however I know that their last album, they were trying to
experience with new sounds. I feel that's what they are doing with
their new stuff also. They are not out there to sell records, they
aren't writing music to keep the fans happy, they are writing what
they feel and if the fans don't like their new stuff, then I'm sure
others will. Like mentioned before one of the most impressive things
about Mr. Smith is that he's such a humble man of God and I really
pray that he may never loose that.
"Jesus, friend forever".........


> Chee-Tsu Yip says

Who got saved listening to DC Talk? Know anyone? Hmmmm, some girls
get "slain" at a Backstreet Boys concert. So what's the deal with
entertainment and worship? Anyone read Tozer? I appreciate Spurious,
all these POV's... very educational. I've had a lot of questions
answered lately, so I hear y'all. This boy's from Canada, Vancouver,
BC - first heard of d: start of '98. Saw them in "concert" in the
summer. d:'s kinda new here in NA. They are very welcome.
My conclusion: I support d: They've been most influential, inspiring
and have made the greatest contribution to my musical development.
They can take it wherever it goes. Maybe I was just a little selfish,
but if d: wants to reach the dead (with changing music styles, etc.),
way to go. They are a priority. If you're saved, good. We're all
called to do that. Your friends are going to be saved by Jesus - not
sounds, not minor or major chords, not by vanity. I don't think we're
here to listen to a "safe" alternative to secular music. (Are you?
Some people are - good or bad?)
Maybe next time we listen to d: music, in church or on the radio,
give thanks to God and lift a prayer for them. The industry's cutthroat
and it's almost laughable that a praise band goes pop. But here they
are and here we are.
I wonder what's it like in the UK at a d: gig? It must be quite
special. Are there a lot of unbelievers moshing around with brothas
and sistas in Christ? Holy Spirit; He will make all the difference
in a concert, eh? (that's Canadian, "eh") He's the difference between
a great riff and licks of prophesy. And when He comes 'cause there are
two or more, good things happen. People get saved. It's so much more
than the music, isn't it? We're all part of something big here. You
in the UK, here in Canada, everywhere. Believers all over the world
have been impacted in positive ways through d: ministry and I'm thankful.
May d:, all believers be found faithful when Christ returns. Bless you
in Jesus. Keep running for Jesus. Thanks. Merry Christmas!

top [1998]



> Anester Halliday says

I'm not very good with words and all that, but I just wanted to say
that Deliriou5? are mot possibly the best thing to happen to music
in general. My first encounter with the band was for around the last
5 minutes of a TV programme. Since then, I have seen the band 'live'
only three times, but their profound and touching lyrics have changed
mine and many other lives around. I can only hope that they continue
to follow their hearts, with their gifts from God, and produce a
further inspiration to other lives too.
On a different note, I'd love for any other D5? fans to mail me,
especially of they live in the south of the UK. Though I've met many
wonderful fans around the UK, I know of none around my area.
Stay happy people, and Ded up!


> Ben Lewis says

agree with the other guys message about worship + the happy song,
and I figured Craig Boralse was a little harsh on the CE music in
"PUREPOP", but I see that they have always wanted to be in the
mainstream and this is the progression!


> Cynthia says

I just wanted to say that I think Deliriou5? is great! It's a great
change to have upbeat, modern, Christian music to listen to.
I love listening to Deliriou5? before I go to sleep or while I'm
doing my Bible Study. Their music is really deep and goes far beyond
the Spiritual Milk stage. I hope they continue to release new albums
in the U.S. Way to go guys.


> Brett Trapp says

D: rocks!!! In the lyrically wishy-washy world of Christian music,
D: stands out as the band with the most spiritually deep lyrics. They
are profound yet simple. Their outspoken commitment to Jesus and His
will for the band is so obvious (who turns down a 70 city tour with dc
Talk unless God told them to?) "What a Friend I've Found" and "Obsession"
-- best worship songs ever created by a person without the name
King David. I'm praying that the Lord would call you guys over here
to tour the U.S. a lot (He knows we need people like you), but until
then, keep praising the King in the UK. I pray that all of England would
be totally consumed by revival fire and that D: would lead the way in
fanning the flames! Keep Jesus #1! Stay humble! "Run with this vision!"
D: "Now, now, now is the time!" D:


> alexis gadd says

I've have been following D: since they were still the baby cutting edge,
and in many ways watched them grow in confidence and talent. Every time
I hear something new I get really excited, when Deeper charted at 20 it
was an unbelievable feeling of pride that overcame me. This time around
after seeing them at the Media Evening my friends and I realised that
the boys have progressed to such a level that we concluded it was only
a matter of time before the industry caught on. I'm lucky enough to have
actualy met and talked to the band on a number of occassions, and I can
honestly say that they are the most honest and nice yet down to earth
bunch of guys you could ever wish to know! I will see them at Eastbourne
this month and in Portsmouth in March, and by then they will have made a
real impact on the public
Heres to being Historymakers.


> Glitter Guy says

Hi! The D:boys, what's there to say about them that hasn't already
been said?? I too have watched the boys develop over the last
five-what years, and think that the change is fantastic!! Glad to see
that Martin was back to his oldself at the media night, not like he
was at Greenbelt '98 (he left some bloke holding his guitar for ten
minutes, and totaly ignored him!! After that he then forgot to plug in
his guitar!!) However, after seeing them on the media night, I am now
at ease, and confident that the boys sound may have got bigger, but
it's still the same ickle blokes underneath it all! (someones' got my
hat and I don't know what to do.....) Anester I'll be your friend, I
live kinda in the south! (I live in Croydon, just south of London) If
you leave the e-mail address I will mail you! Hugs and snogs to you all
(in a non-promiscuous-kinda-way)


> Jamie Clark says

1- When are we going to hear about the t-shirts? I am just
wondering what is happening there?
2-Does anyone actually know the full line up for the album?
I think of 10 definites but i thought they would put at least
12 tracks on the album. I can think of Heaven, Bliss, See The Star,
Its OK, Mezzanine Floor, Metamorphis (Pale reflection, whichever u
want, personally i have watched all the net chat and think that
Metamorphis sounds better) Love Come Down, Follow, Gravity, Isnt
He Beautiful
3- The Maidenhead gig was excellent. they came out and on a small
stage on which Tim couldnt jump without knocking over his organ
(u had to be there), played 17 unbelievably good tracks.From when
the room went quiet to find me in the river, the jumping in
historymaker, and incidentally most of the other tracks. And of
course the new tracks, Heaven stood out with its intensity and
bliss with its catchyness. It finally looks like they have cracked
it. And See The Star is being played on X FM(104.9) and being
called a good song. Could things get any better? All it needs is
radio 1 airplay and i believe that we could have a top 10 entry
at the very least, but come on lets believe that they will do better
and make a huge dent in the industry just to let it know what is
happening, that a band that isnt conforming is braeking into the
charts and writing some of the best ever songs, filled with passion,
intimacy and a love of god.


> Dewshine says

Hello all...i'm Canadian...and have spent about one hour trying
to find delirious' new song Heart of Worship...i'm assuming it
hasn't just come out as things take longer to reach this side of
the globe...can anyone tell me where to go to find it? That would
be greatly appreciated...delirious is an amazing band that God has
totally anointed and i don't want to miss out!


> James Napper says

Hi I just wanna say that I think its really good what delirious
are doing. There has never been a better opportunity like this
to outreach the gospel to the world and releasing christian
stuff on the main stream charts is really exiting. I really hope
they do well so good luck tot he lads!


> J Smith says

I went to the Liverpool gig at the Royal Court on the 27th of
February! Delerious were better than I've ever heard them before
and with a new single and album coming out soon lets get harassing
Virgin, H.M.V and any other decent music stores to stock it on
it's release date Great site, keep up the good work

> Chris Plummer says

How many times must it be said-Delirious is awesome! I first heard
about the guys when they were just getting big in the US. I think
the story of how they rose in the industry is just amazing-it must
have been God! The lyrics are truly profound yet very simple to
understand. I just love how Delirious tells it like it is and
captures such feeling and emotion through their music toward the
Most High. I'm very glad for the new album coming out and I think
it will be just as awesome as their previous works. Delirious is
one of the bands on my list of groups who I can just buy their
album instead of previewing it before to see if it's any good
because I know it will be awesome because of who they are. I saw
Delirious live one day at Kingdom Bound '98 at Darien Lake, NY.
I thought they did really well, but I was worried that the crowd
wasn't getting into the music. New York isn't much of a music state,
but I wish that Delrious would visit Rochester more often. I did
get their autographs at the end of the performance on the main
stage, and they were really cool. I'm in a class at High School,
right now, so I need to get back. Can't wait for the new album!


> Mo says

Deliriou5? could soon very well become huge (and I mean HUGE) all
over the world, both as a rock band and as a CHRISTIAN rock band.
Any spreading of the word gets a vote from me, and rock music is
the best. So I was not greatly surprised when I liked what I
heard. I believe the world will come to recognise The band's
excellent fusion of faith and modern music.


> James Napper says

Just like to say that I love delirious's new music. I went to see
them at Eastbourne last Friday and they were great. They have moved
their music on but their heart for promoting Jesus has not changed.
Some of my friends think they have gone too commercial but I believe
they are declaring their faith more than ever - but in a format that
the non-beleiving world can understand and relate to. I am really
exited about the next few months as delirious release their stuff on
the mainstream charts. Anyway I would also like to say this is a great
web site so keep it going!


> Haydon Spenceley says

This might not be what you want, but I have a question: Has anybody
else had problems playing the flevo 98 concert in real audio? 'cos
I've only managed to get it to work once. The new album's gonna be
cool. d: for number 1!


> Davy Lutton says

I went to see delerious? in belfast on the 4/3/99 for a full report
on an amazing night go to www.angelfire.com/ma/davy In Martins own
words ".....this is the best night we have had in years"

> Emma Griffiths says

I, like a whole bunch of other people,(including my mum!)really like
delirious?. I live in Australia and have only discovered their
music recently. My mum and I are hoping and praying that delirious
will tour Australia in the near future since I would love to see them
live,and we often miss out on seeing the big bands on tour. Keep going
with the delirious magic and never stop seeking to go 'deeper'.


> Richard says

My Favourite group and i can't wait to get the opportunity to see
them live in concert.
They need to come and visit us in South Africa.
A big thanks for a wonderful way to worship God and I pray that God
will bless them abundently as they continue to be a witness to people
and write and perform great music.


> Ben Lewis says

I'm buying See the Star today!! I'm not sure how well it's gonna do
after the long gap theyve had, but I know it will pave the way for
the follow up singles!

> Dave Johnson says

How do I contact Annester? I'm in the South and have been a huge
fan of D: since Feb 1996 (has it really been that long?) Any other
D:fans in south UK can mail me at DJ@Shameless.demon.co.uk especially
if you play a musical instrument... Cheers Spurious for a most
excellent site and it is permanently bookmarked...


> Cliff says

Here's how far the d: influence has gone. I'm in the worship band
at a traditional Southern Baptist church in central Texas. "Shout
to the North," "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?," and "I Could
Sing of Your Love Forever" are all in our praise and worship
rotation for Sunday morning services. Keep it up, Martin and all
the d: guys.


> Glitter Guy says

See The Star!
Follow is just about the most fantastic song I've heard in a long
time! It's pure Cutting Edge varnished and finished off in much
more professional way.
It also shows taht the band must have a sense of humour, it takes
a lot of guts to have a song title that is extremely simular to a
band you're always being compared to! (I'm talking about U2 - I
will follow - anyone remember that? If only U2 sounded half as good
as delirious do now, ohh did i say that! whopps!)
Anyway, looks like our d:boys are back on form anyway!
I'm gonna see them on Jack Docherty/Mellinda messenger, so :op

> Davy says

Way to go delirious?...no. 16 in the charts. Keep on running the
race with pride, and keep proclaiming Jesus in your songs.
Brilliant gig in Belfast...the best I've ever been to.


> Ian Everett says

Ooh! It's like being pushed in front of the microphone...erm...the
latest single, it was OK, one of the weakest so far, but it still
got to #16!! Can't wait for the album, but what happenbed to the
Channel 5 slot on 24th March? I was all settled with me tea and my
Gypsy Creams, and they didn't appear?!?!?
I cried myself to sleep. Ho hum. Keep runnin' guys.


> Beck says

PLEASE change the picture in fun and games!!!! I realise you probably
busy, but I keep coming hoping for a new picture to stretch, and a
picture to replace the sent in one of Stu. G. Sorry to moan, but I
can't wait! Anyway, I think this is just the absolute bomb of all
websites! Keep pressing into our mate Jesus!


> John Bury says

Is anyone willing to sell me there 'White Ribbon Day' single. Also if
anyone want's to e:mail me please feel free to do so.


> Sophie Weston says

I saw you at HMV Birmingham a few weeks ago. I have recently been
introduced to your music and I think some of it is cool. Now all i do
is listen to your music and Matt Redmans music. I went to a Christian
conference in Brighton last week and we sung alot of your songs there
it was brilliant. Anyway keep on going, THIS IS THE NEW GENERATION.


> James Ridgers says

Well, your policy does say good OR bad, so here goes: I thought the
new album is sorely disappointing. Ok, maybe it will grow on me, but
play it immediately of Radiohead's OK Computer, and I think "Oh, the
CD is on repeat" as it sounds identical. This is a good thing in a
way because OK Computer did get #1 for a long time and is one of the
most influential albums of the 90's, BUT, Mezzamorphis seems to be
very run-of-the-mill to me. Lots of the sounds and atmospheres of the
songs are repeated throughout the entire album, and I found it a
stressful album to listen to. The only two songs that really jumped
out at me were The Mezzanine Floor and Love Falls Down. It's OK is
great until the end of the song, and I am sure Bliss will (hopefully)
grow on me by the time it is released as a single. When I compare
Mezz to KOF, I would prefer KOF anyday, especially the US version,
as every song on KOF brings something new - new tunes, new guitar
sounds, new effects, new vocal diversities etc. Many of the sounds
and effects are repeated throughout Mezz, and the songs sound a whole
lot 'darker' to me. And as for the last two tracks (sorry, I can't
stand them so much I don't even know the names of the songs), could
they even qualify as B-Sides? Sorry to sound so anti-D, I'm still
100% for them and will continue to support them, buy the records, go
to the gigs for as long as they are around, which hopefully will be
a long time yet. SO I am not in anyway against D, and I pray from the
bottom of heart for a good top 10 position for Mezz tomorrow, but
after all the hype I've heard, and after everyone has been saying how
great this CD is, when I got it today and listened to it (three times
now), I am gutted that it is not a CD that I will still be playing in
5 years time. Now I will go in to hiding as I am sure that some of you
will nuke me with derogatory replies. But then hey, we all have
different musical tastes and opinions.


> francqui says

i'd like to add that deliriou5? has really shook up my world. i pray
that God keeps on using you guys to touch so many people. i was able
to see you guys in concert at the vineyard in los angeles last july.
i really, really liked the concert. really, i was left with my mouth
wide open. my hats off to you guys. from tijuana, mexico. Dios te
bendiga! ("God bless you" in spanish).


> John Santos says

I wanna say that Delirious? rocks baby! Not only have they blown me
away again with their new album Mezzamorphis, they keep on touching
millions of fans around the world with their music which has a
purpose. Unlike those other Brit-pop brats like Oasis (yuck) Blur
(Eewww) and what not. I hope that God uses Delirious? to bring many
more people to Him through their music. One more thing, does anyone
know if Delirious? has any plans to tour Australia? I like thousands
of D:fans want them to come here soon. I mean we only get the Americans
(not that there's anything wrong with that), like All Star, and Jars
of Clay...we need real music from d:band of the new millennium! Cheers
and God Bless You Guys! Keep on rocking!


> Jeremy Walker says

I went to the Wolverhampton gig and it was brilliant. D: were sooooo
classy!!! I just hope Martin and the others never forget this is
all for God and not for them!


> Spacegirl says

I think that this colour blue is the best colour blue. It is all 1
shade and I can see no blemishes.....well done scooby baby!


> Mark Hewerdine says

I apologise if this sounds opinionated or just plain dull,
but......this is reply to James Ridgers. Firstly, I thought it was
brave to have someone dare to be critical, and not just rave on about
how Delirious? are the greatest band the world has never known. I do
think they are a fantastic band, one of my all time favourites, and
a brilliant live act, but thanks James for daring to be different!
However, I have to disagree with some of James' comments about the
new album. My initial reaction was "this is fantastic, best thing
they've ever done", but then I calmed down a bit, let the happy pills
wear off etc. Even so, I do think its great, and I disagree with James'
comments about it all sounding the same. That was my criticism of King
of Fools. Where KOF stuck with a familiar sound for the entire album,
it was the variety of effects, production techniques and guitar sounds
that grabbed my attention with Mezza.. ON KOF I thought they played
it too safe in terms of production - every song had either a piano,
organ or nice lush strings, the guitar sounds rocked but in a tame
kind of way, and there were none of the imaginative sounds that are
found on Mezzamorphis. All credit to the guys - they've continued
to develop what is very much their own sounds, whilst incorporating
new influences. And the best thing is - they're a Christian band who
dare to experiment and do something "dark" I was getting a bit sick
of Christian music which tended to be either a) Nice/Sweet/A Bit
Sickly b) Pompous shouty rock c) Celtic or d)All of the above!
Cheers guys - at last there's a band who care as music about the music
as much as about getting the message across!


> Harris Khairuddin says

What was the problem with the release of "It's OK" song in the US?

Spurious? says: "It's OK" contains the line 'she's as pretty as hell'
and this appears cold and flippant on paper, which is how the Sparrow
execs saw it. However, the song - a classic melding of harmonious
ballads and worship - makes it pretty clear what's going on and that
particular line certainly makes you look twice. After hearing the
song and speaking to delirious?, the Sparrow execs agreed to keep
"It's OK" on the album.


> Sarah says

I've just about recovered from the d:gig on 22 feb 99 in Edinburgh,
it rocked my world like totally!! However pretentious it might sound
(and I don't mean it to) I'm gonna be a history maker for Scotland,
and there ain't no devil gonna stop me! Come back to Edinburgh soon!


> Scott FitzGerald says

I think it's time some of us D:Fans expressed a point of view, one
expressed already at the official Delirious? website. There is a
definite move towards populism in D:Music; most of the loyal fans
are Christian and the latest music could not be described as Christian
rock. The album wasn't as good as KOF and it is a pale imitation of
many elements of some of the KOF tracks, oasis and Radiohead's OK
Computer in places. Little was original, Bliss and Kiss your feet
being only vaguely memorable. Don't get me wrong, I bought the album,
and I would still have bought it even if I had listened to it first.
The creative centre in Delirious? (Martin mainly) need to remember
the fans built them up; the reason we began to listen to delirious?
was because they played refreshing Christian rock. I may be behaving
in an overly sceptical manner, but it seems to me that the virgin
deal has been on condition that they jettisoned Jesus, and if this
trend of watering down the faith music continues, delirious? will
lose many long-term fans. I hope the band do read this and decide
whether their loyalties are with genuine (original) fans or just
fickle and brief chart success.

I think all fans should feel free to comment like this and let the
band know what they feel. We've come a long way from cutting edge,
but this recent change indicated from Mezzamorphis is not a welcome
one. Hope this doesn't offend anyone or dampen anyone's enthusiasm
over the band.

Spurious? says: You said "the latest music could not be described
as Christian rock" - but what exactly is Christian rock? You can't
define it, put it in a box and put it on your shelf. Christian rock
is about lifestyle, music, lyrics, relationships, faith - to call
delirious?' music 'not Christian rock' is rather judgmental.
However, do keep writing in with responses both positive and negative
- but try not to be too judgmental.


> Ian Everest says

In reply to James Rigger: In a way I agree with most of what you
have said, but I've come to a different conclusion. When I first
heard 'Mezzamorphis' I instantly thought that it sounded like the
songs that wouldn't have got onto 'OK Computer'. People said that
some of the songs off 'KoF' sounded like Radiohead, but this is
more so IMHO. It has the technological/industrial sound that 'OK
Computer' had, but without the painful angst. But surely this is
a good thing? Radiohead are one of the most (if not the most)
influential and experimental British guitar bands of the 1990's. The
change of sound shows that they are not resting on their laurels,
and are definitely stepping out of our Christian ghetto. I feared
that Mezzamorphis would be a 'KoF' Part 2, but my fears were put to
rest. I absolutely loved 'KoF', but did think that it sounded too
'worshippy' for the secular market. Don't get me wrong, I love to
hear great worship music, but in all honesty, most British worship
has a sound of it's own -which is usually 2-3 years behind secular
'sound'. I don't think this is a problem in itself, but to try and
release that on the mainstream would I think be unfruitful.

In my opinion, Mezzamorphis has the right sound, but doesn't really
have any singles on it. It has some great songs, but nothing that
would make a number 1 on it's own. Mezzamorphis is a very dark
album, and hard to penetrate on the first few listens, but it is
also a beautiful album. The lyrical turn of phrase and sound effects
contribute to deliver a rich and emotional soundscape. Sorry, I'm
starting to sound pretentious. It arrived at just the right time
for me. God really spoke to me through some of the songs (It's OK,
Blindfold and Kiss Your Feet). So if anyone thinks that Delirious
have sold out at all with this album, then here is proof that God
is still working through them.
I t's not an instant feet shuffler like 'KoF', it doesn't have so
many obvious rallying cries (History Maker, Revival Town) but it
does deliver a sucker punch of God. 'KoF' was my sound of summer
1997, I don't think this will do the same for 1999, but I'm sure
I'll still be listening to it when I'm 70, no matter how much my
offspring complain.

James, I think you raised some valid points and I'm glad to see
someone giving some constructive criticism, instead of the
platitudes, or unfounded and spiteful criticisms that you can see
on the web.

BTW does anyone think that the beginning to 'Bliss', when played
live sounds like the beginning to 'Firestarter' by the Prodigy?

Spurious? says: No.


> Shawn White says

Hey delirious fans! I'm all the way from Canada and I went from
seeing their KOF album in the store, thinking 'that looks pretty
stupid,' to them being my favourite band. The reason I was first
so impressed by d:, was their awesome inspiring praisful lyrics
that were so bold about Jesus. My only concern, after reading all
your comments, is that whenever God elevates musicians in this day
in age, people begin to lose focus on who they should be worshiping.
Because we have been brainwashed by the big rock star personalities
we see so often in the media, we as Christians think we have to be
like the world, so we make our singers/musicians and their music
into our idols, that slowly and unnoticed by us, take the place of
the true anointing of God. Pretty soon we don't care if a song even
mentions God,let alone praises him, as long as it becomes a hit
and wins the world's stamp of approval. Now I really don't like to
preach because I myself have been guilty of "band worship', but do
you see anything wrong with this picture? I mean honestly what is
the feeling of a Christian rock concert? Is it one of praise for God
or for men? God has opened my eyes and I just pray that Delirious
keeps their eyes on Jesus and not on the world because the bible
says "what profits a man if he gain the whole world and loses his
own soul?". WE know there are going to be those who have cast out
devils and done great works in the name of the Lord yet still will
be cast into Hell. We should not be trying to win the world's approval
with our music, rather winning the souls of those who are hungry.
Jesus said we would suffer persecution and be rejected by society
simply because he was. There is a problem if we are being so easily
accepted by the world, and people are saying "cool music,man" and not
affected spiritually, at all. The true anointing will bring conviction
to the sinner's heart. That is why the Pharisee's wanted to stone Jesus,
because what he said exposed the sin in their lives and convicted
them. I am sorry to have written so long but before I go I want to
ask a question...Aren't we(the church) supposed to be like Jesus???

Spurious? says: If you ever find yourself feeling 'obsessed' with
delirious?, just picture the band members on the loo - particularly
Stu G, straining so hard that big vein stands out in his forehead.


> Robert da Silva says

I agree that Delirious?' last album, King of Fools was a good album
and inspired me in my new steps of being a Christian even though it
rarely mentioned the name Jesus. "What a friend I've Found" was the
only song that glorified Jesus' name yet the other songs did imply
they were singing about Jesus. That is good for Christians cause we
know who they are talking about but what about non-Christians?...I
am afraid they will be left out of the "Good News Message". This new
album, Mezzamorphis, does not mention the name Jesus once except that
last song! Also the songs seem to be on the darker side ..I guess
in order to be accepted in the mainstream market you have to water-
down the MESSAGE and be "Politically Correct" by not mentioning the
word JESUS. Don't get me wrong, there previous albums seemed to do a
good job, but I am afraid they are loosing sight of JESUS CHRIST in
their songs.

Spurious? says: I have a friend who's mother hates Mezzamorphis
because it's too blatantly Christian What some see as 'watering-down'
is still too much for others.


> Audrey Hamm says

W ell, let's see. I just read a review on your last gig and the
guy said the absolute best way of putting your band in a phrase.
"God smiles down on you guys!!" It is SOO true! I hear your music
and I know it touches the hearts of God's children. You certainly
touch mine, every time I listen to your songs! God is sending revival
through you guys!! Praise God you are choosing to follow Him. Praise
God He gave you all these amazing gifts...just Praise God all
around!! He is so awesome and I am SO, VERY thankful He is using you
guys for His will like He is. It is WONDERFUL!! I just wanted to tell
you that even though I'm sure you always hear that. God bless you guys
so dearly and keep seeking Him like you have been!! And God's
anointing on your tour also. Sincerely, Audrey from Portland, OR


> Daniel says

I have to agree with James, the new D5 album is an incredible
disappointment. Cutting Edge and King of Fools had an atmosphere
of worship with modern music that shook up the world of "worship
music". I visited a Vineyard Conference, where many of the top vineyard
worship leaders commented on delirious' ability to bring the modern
music style into worship. It has definitely changed the way that
vineyard approaches their music. I'm saddened that the band chose to
totally abandon that style and go after the European rock style. I hope
that the band follows this album up with another that hits the mark as
well as KOF or Cutting Edge.

> Our kid says

Thanks for the music-helped me get through my exam period-and the
Q article was really good -are delirious at soul survivor this year?

Spurious? says: Yes, delirious? will be appearing at Soul Survivor.
For more information, visit the news page.


> Twig says

I think that Mezzamorphis is absolutely brilliant. It was the first
d: album that I've bought and (since buying KOF and both cutting
edge compilations) it's still my favourite. Although I think that
all of their stuff is great, Mezzamorphis is top, d: really deserve
a top ten hit with some of the stuff on that album.


> Chris says

Just wanted to say that I love the site and think Delirious? are
awesome. I have all their CD's or at least the ones available in
the US and even all the Revival Generation CD's with them on. I agree
totally with you about supporting the band but wouldn't sound clips
be a way non Christians who happen to stumble across the site,
could get hooked on Delirious? There are not a lot of stations who
play the more contemporary rock Christian music but everyone has a
way to the Internet. Just a respectful thought. Love the site.

Spurious? says: In accordance to Furious? Records' wishes, the
Spurious? team decided not to include soundclips.

> Mary Hardee says

It is very clear that delirious is full of the Lord and I am
keeping you in my prayers because you are exactly what everyone
needs.. you to help show them how awesome Jesus is. I wish with
everything in me that I could do what you are doing!! I have sang
all my life and I LOVE to... but ONLY for Jesus. I pray that I have
the chance to do what you do, if that is what God wants for me.. if
not... well.. What ever He wants I'll do. Anyway.. God Bless you!!
Love in our Lord in Saviour, Mary †<><


> Valerie says

love the worship/happy feelings in delirious music. It's awesome
how I can find the music in secular stores too. fav songs are
LOUDER THAN THE RADIO & I FOUND JESUS. Keep the music coming!


> Kevin Carter says

Hey guys, I was just truly introduced to the music of Delirious
this weekend, and well, what can I say. WOW. I was introduced to
it through a praise and worship band from Brownsville University
of the Bible in Pensacola, FL. About half of the songs they did
were Delirious songs off of the cutting edge CD. This stuff is
amazing, I will definitely be getting everything. I just ordered
the cutting edge CD and songbook, hope to be getting it and using
it in my praise and worship services soon. Keep going Delirious,
your music is great and fresh. Thanks , Kevin Carter

> Lizzie Mason says

delirious? rocked Brixton and the whole world knew about it.
Why oh why does Stu.G wear a kilt?


> Mike says

Gravity sucks forever. (Please don't actually print this scoob,
they'll hang me) IT JUST A TEST OK :)

Spurious? says: Asking Scooby not to print it isn't that
advisable, seeing as it's Adam who's doing this at the mo.
A-ha ha ha.


> Conseula Hird says

I just want to reply to what Martin Smith said on the 'Alpha
Zone'. He does have loads of female groupies! Though I don't
associate with them any way! Furthermore, more ladies fancy Martin
than Jon so hope you realise that I'm just learning the art of
.. [interrupted]


> Jason James says

Just wanted to let all interested about Delirious' New York
City concert with DC Talk last evening. It was a last minute
thing as they only confirmed as far as we could tell the day
before. This was the third time I heard a live D: concert, In
Kansas City July '98, Dallas November '98 and now. Both previous
concerts they were the headliners and rocked out for 2-2 1/2 hour
sets. Last night was 45 minute open for DC Talk. Most
interestingly many of the thousand or so people had NO CLUE
what they were playing...That will soon change .Our group however
cheered loud enough for all. In my opinion, being very familiar
with both bands, Delirious outshined DC Talk! Song List was: Bliss,
Promise, Deeper, Louder Than The Radio, Follow, Metamorphis,
Heaven (with technical difficulties, but still rocking),
Gravity, and Blindfold to close. As the time went on the crowd
who had not heard them were definately getting into it. As usual
the time rocked, but with a very tangible presence of the Lord.
As they closed blindfold with Glory..in the Highest spontaneous
praise broke forth for some time. They definately got what they
could out of a short set, very inspiring. I guess the one thing
that always stands out for me is their humility. After every show
I've seen they always come out and meet the people, They are vessels
wanting to be poured out and bless others, last night in NYC was
no exception. GREAT SHOW!

> Mark Goobie says

Delirious, what are you doing? Your new CD Mezzowhatever has
strayed from your roots. Though Smith's lyrics are bang-on,
the techno/minor key thing bites. Remain true to the style
that made you famous and gave us life in our churches. That's
what we want. What group has appealed to such a broad group of
people - my parent's love you guys. What you have done has
reduced your market by appealing to the ultra-hip generation (I
love them too). Take us into worship with your instruments not
artificial techno boards. Mezzowhatever has a place in music but
I bought your CD expecting the deep worship I have come to love.
NOTE: this is just my personal opinion and I pray God blesses your
music, your lives and your fans nonetheless. God Bless, Acoustic
grooves from Canada

Spurious? says: "Remaining true to the style that made you
famous" would mean standing still. Everything moves on, and so
do delirious? - we wouldn't want a 'King Of Fools Part 2' record.


> Tom Gindorf says

The new album is a bit disappointing to me in one dimension
alone. The beautiful songs of worship from early CD's was what
attracted me to Cutting Edge now Delirious. They need to take some
steps back and ask what they are heading for, because it is
certainly not where they started from. I pastor a group of kids
that love songs like, "Shout to the North" "The Happy Song" "Sing
of Your Love" etc. Very little of songs like that off Mezzamorphis.


> Karen Stewart says

I never really was a big delirious? fan...until now. I got their
new album. I love it! and their old stuff is really good too. I
listen to the album all the time. I have 6 words. Keep up the
good work delirious?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Paul Musgrove says

I recently saw delirious at Leeds T&C and they rocked!! Mezzamorphis
is the greatest,no-matter how many people Keep comparing it to
Radiohead etc ,Who cares it's great!! It's been on my CD player
almost everyday since I bought it,well done lads!!!


> Kerry Cranfield says

I was reading your gig reviews and thought I would add one of my
own that wasn't up there yet, Kingdom Bound at the Great Escape,
Lake George NY June 19, 1999. What impressed me most about
Delirious? was not their performing on stage, but the way they
acted off stage. I've been to many performances where I have met
the performers afterward, and it completely turned me off to their
music afterwards. Not so with Delirious?. I got to shake Stu G's
hand and thank him for his music, and he did the one thing most
performers will not do- is looked me straight in the eye. On stage,
getting ready earlier in the day, the band connected with the
regular folk also. Our YFC youth leader Brian Bateman, is still
walking on air ("Martin smiled at me!!") ((delirious? is his fave.))
On stage, the band was amazing. You can tell that they really pull
from their hearts on stage, and just don't perform. The holy spirit
was flowing like a waterfall during "Do You Feel the Mountains
Tremble." Some of their new songs from Mezzamorphis gave me chills.
They had their encore with Deeper, and at the end of the concert,
the crowd was on fire. At least I was. I was then, and still am now,
psyched. That gave us/added to/began so many of our fires, and we are
ready for/to begin revival.


> Sara says

Hello, I just wanna say that I do think Delirious? is awesome,
"Did you feel the mountains tremble" is one of the moist anointed
songs I've heard. And in reviewing the new Mezzamorphis CD, I have
to day that it was awesome music, but there wasn't any spirit attached
to it. See, there are things that are birthed of the Spirit, and
things of the flesh, and this seems to be birthed of the flesh. I
cannot deny that there is much talent. But you can tell a lot about
a person just by reading the lyrics to their songs, and I have to say
I was a little worried by songs like "Blindfold" anyone can identify,
and see that that is where he is. It breaks my heart to think that such
anointing could be thrown away by such an evil thing as pride.
Martin, I believe is a "breaker" in the spiritual realm, what happened
over there in worship has truly broken to many new levels all around
the world in worship. I hate to see them abandon that because of fame
and fortune. Authority is God-given, but man can strip himself of it.
As they have said that, "There's no going back"... to what? God?
then where is it you think you want to get to? Don't get me wrong, I
think they're awesome, Billy Kennedy has been to our church to minister
several times, and I think very well, that Martin Smith is a man of God,
I just hope it stays that way. thanx~

Spurious? says: 'Blindfold' is a song about Stew Smith's (drummer)
wife's miscarriage. It was a dark time for the whole of the
closely-knit band, so the song is naturally dark - but it returns
to the fact that, even in the darkest moments of unbelievable pain,
all you can really do is sing 'Glory, glory, glory in the highest'.
An accurate song that captures both the darkness and the joy in life.

> Saskia Stevenson says

I just wanted to say that delirious? have really changed my life
with their music and I really hope that God continues to use you
to do this. I'm really looking forward to seeing you at Stoneleigh
this year!


> Henry Suwitra says

It's funny how God works! No...it's awesome how God works! I'm
probably a late boomer in discovering you guys. But y'all have been such a
powerful blessing in my life. I was searching for another revival song
about a month ago, just getting a little bit restless with my old wine skin,
you know. And waddya know -- I landed on my Pastor's Worship Together cd,
which obviously has got deliriou5?' "History Maker." Boy...that's one
inspirational song -- just the title stirs up my spirit. Gotta find out who
d:eliriuou5? is. So I bought myself all your recordings. I especially like
your "live and in the can" recording...what a powerful and d:ynamic
recording that was. "King of Fools", of course, another fav. "Mezza" is
growin' on me. When we had our worldwide conference for our church a couple
of weeks ago called Global Harvest Explosion 2000, I thought it was very
appropriate that we sang "History Makers" as our closing song. Keep on
going guys, and I pray that your songs will truly impart to a generation
that is in so much need of answers and God-inspired visions and
purpose...let d:anointing keep on flowin'! Don't forget d:Man -- Jesus
Himself. Thanks for your ministry. God bless...


> John Bury says

Is it me or does Mezzamorphis get better and better? It is by far
the album of the year. The best songs on the album are Heaven, Bliss,
Gravity and BLINDFOLD.

Does anybody know what's happened to Elvis he seems to have gone missing?


> Naseem says

All right, I have read every comment written on this page, and I
have to complain about some of the comments, not the new cd. Sometimes our
judgment of anything comes when we are not "quick to listen, slow to speak,
and slow to anger" (James 1:19). The new cd is a bit different, I agree,
but after listening to it numerous times (because their music cannot be
skimmed over)and really reading the lyrics, I have found a compilation of
music that speaks to me just as much as Cutting Edge or KOF. Can a band's
entire faith be questioned because some different sounds have been
incorporated into their music? Or could a band be attempting to continually
make itself relevant to a lost generation? I think this cd abounds with
life, and deliriou5? has affected my walk as few other bands have. Maybe
some of this music will attract a lost person to one of their gigs where the
full message of the gospel can be delivered. We Christians do not need to
see the name Jesus in "I Will Follow" or "Isn't He Beautiful" to know that
the song is pointing straight at Him. If delirou5? is just creating music
for the Christians, then it would be opposing what Jesus said about the sick
needing a doctor, not those who are well. I can worship and praise to the
new music, and hopefully, many who do not know Jesus will be able to do the
same in the near future. Great job on the new cd guys! Please keep it
coming! Oh, by the way, can someone explain the song "It's OK" to me? I'm
afraid I'm not deep enough to understand how it is talking about hell.
Thanks, and God bless.

> Naseem also says

After sending my first message, I realize I made a terrible
mistake. I accidentally called the song "Kiss your Feet" "Isn't He
Beautiful." Hey, it was an honest mistake. The words "isn't he beautiful"
are the chorus. Anyway, I hope you will all forgive me. God bless.


> nathan danser says

i just want to say that i really love these guys concerts. there is
such an atmosphere of worship on their sets. today concerts are stereotyped
as being rowdy and violent (although many times they live up to that) but
Delirioue knows when to be silent before the Lord and give Him the respect
and admiration and love that he deserves. they are definitely one of my all
time favorites,and they will be for a long time. to the band: excellent
work, and you guys should hook up with Teen Mania and go on some trips, they
are excellent!!! you guys rock (louder than the radio!)

> nathan danser also says

in reply to scott fitzgerald:

with all due respect i believe that you are being too hard on the band. i am
16 years old and so have not seen many styles of music come and go but i do
know that it must be hard to keep people interested in their music while at
the same time keep the focus on their Savior. the fact that they had the
guts to get away from the alternative slower type of music and explore what
they had the means of accomplishing says something about their character in
itself. you may say that i am young so what do i know. all i know is the
proof that i see around me of how delirious?'s music has changed the lives
of me and my friends. if you say that "Christian rock" is not representing
God, then you have put boundaries not only on the music but on God Himself.
perhaps not in a big way, but maybe God will not be able to reveal His
message that the band wanted to carry out in those songs. i do not want to
sound like the "christianity cheerleader" here, but i do believe they do
deserve a lot of credit simply because they give all the credit to the

to spurious: what are the words "she'd as pretty as hell" referring to
exactly? i just want to know what the band was writing about. i'm sure they
had good reason.

> nathan danser also says

i just want to say that i really love these guys concerts. there is
such an atmosphere of worship on their sets. today concerts are stereotyped
as being rowdy and violent (although many times they live up to that) but
Delirioue knows when to be silent before the Lord and give Him the respect
and admiration and love that he deserves. they are definitely one of my all
time favorites,and they will be for a long time. to the band: excellent
work, and you guys should hook up with Teen Mania and go on some trips, they
are excellent!!! you guys rock (louder than the radio!)

> Andrew McIntyre says

I haven't bought Mezza... yet, mainly because it costs $23.99CAN,
but will probably eventually buy it. I think that the line between worship
music and Christian rock/contemporary/etc... is a chasm. Plain Christian
music is alright as just entertainment. Worship music, on the other hand,
involves what I think is divine gifts in writing, and has the purpose of
giving glory to God rather than feeding our fabricated (by pop-culture)
"need" for entertainment and self-pleasure. There is nothing wrong with
music as entertainment, I just don't esteem any Christian entertainment
music any higher than U2 or other secular bands. In fact, secular music, as
far as quality, is usually higher (exceptions do exist.) My gripe is this:
If Delirious has moved from worship to wanting to befamous/makemoney they
should not attach God's name to it for the purpose of capturing both markets
(Christian and secular.) King of Fools had a hint of "pop" music. I was
disappointed that in the KOF album, the thanx section did not include the
Creator of the Universe who supplied them with their gifts in the first
place. This is not a judgement call, but rather a viewpoint of which I hope
is the "bigger picture."


> Brandon Stockman says

You guys are awesome! Your music is truly the best in Christian
music now. You have blurred the lines of entertainment and worship to show
that worship comes in many forms. I thank God for your ministry.
Mezzamorphis is nothing short of a masterpiece. Thank you....


> Matt Morris says

I wanna know why they used the word Hell in their song its OK. I
dont think a christian group should say that.


> sharyl says

I respect Delirious and their approach to worship on the Cutting
Edge cd's. I am not a huge fan of the style of their stuff beyond the praise
and worship. I do however enjoy the content of the lyrics. I pray that they
never sell out to the industry or try to please anyone but God.

> Andrew Layton says

I'm not criticizing anyone's opinion, but I think that sometimes we
tend to concentrate solely on the sound of the song rather than the message.
Just because a song sounds dark and dreary doesn't make it any less
spiritual than any other Christian song. If you listen to a secular song
that has a dark sound and pay attention to the message, you will find
yourself as empty at the end as you were at the beginning. However, if you
listen to a Christian song with the same sound, you will find a common
solution is presented in at least one part of the song: GOD. To be really
honest, songs like "Blindfold", "Jesus' Blood", and "It's OK" have had as
much impact on me (if not more) than some of the other 'happier' songs on
Mezzamorphis. God never said life would be a bowl of cherries. I believe
the least we can do is express our appreciation to Him for getting us
through the tough times, and these songs are some of the best ways to do it.


> Paul from Australia says

The last 6 months have been a great blessing to me and Delirious has been a
big part of that. I first came acroos cutting edge 1 and loved it. Then 2
and gradually loved it even more. Next I bought 'live in a can' and thought
it was brilliant. I then purchased KOF and at first was slightly
disappointed but gradually fell in love with it. When Mezza came out I heard
it and thought "I'll learn to like it". Now it's arguably my favourite. The
reason I say this is that 2 years ago or even 6 months ago I wouldn't have
handled it at all (because it 'seems' like worldly music). God is using
these guys and iI have been convicted to pray for them as they enter into a
world that opposes their spirit and beliefs.

Just because they don't fit into our boxes doesn't mean they are 'losing
it'. I think we can give them some room and trust that they are accountable
to God and their minister(s).

Glory in the Highest.


> Jim says

Sheesh! I finally got a hold of Mezzamorphis in Switzerland. I fell
in love with Delirious when I heard Deeper on a give away cd that campus
crusade distributed to freshman at Duke. I couldn't get the song out of my
head. I bought the Cutting Edge compilation the next day and was in heaven.
But the songs do sound very similar. KoF grew on me and the worshipful
spirit shines through brilliantly. Revival Town sounds like it was sung by a
guy with an awful head cold though. Sorry fellas. Mezzamorphis is a quality
cd. (They sound far more radiohead than they ever did U2)The lyrics are
inspirational if not inspired. The difference, which I'm really grieved
about, between early D: stuff and what I hear in this shiny blue cd box, is
this: when Delirious was previously cold, restrained and minor
sounding,(History Maker, Did You Hear the..., What a Friend...) the hope and
glory cries out and overflows by the end of the track. I love this. The
songs climaxed brilliantly. Shout to the North climaxed the whole of the
first cd of the Cutting Edge compilation. The places on Mezza... where
Martin's voice strains a direct line of praise never escapes the cold echo
of what almost seems like an aluminum barrel that Martin is singing in.
Especially on Jesus' Blood when the chorus joins in at the end.

But then, why do I expect worship to be bright and cheerful. My favorite
hymn, though I'm not a big hymn guy is It is Well (With my soul) The author
writes of how God is there to protect and comfort when sea-billows roar.
There is fear in the music, and a loving cry to God that "It is Well." Much
like It's Okay, Heaven and Blindfold, the cry is still sung in the tone of
somebody who has just traded tears of sorrow for tears of joy. The dark tone
of Mezza... we should not object to. I too hope that Delirious will provide
the international Christian church with more anthems and choruses that will
let us capture the complex joy, majesty and wonder of God's redemptive plan
for humanity. Maybe if Delirious feels called to make their shows and
records more outreach oriented, they could spawn a D:praise. Maybe they can
use their God-annointed musical talent to compose music suitable to be sung
on a Sunday morning and give it to Vineyard or whoever to record. I think I
have said my peace.

Wait! One last comment. The It's Okay 'pretty as hell' line I personally
don't find so offensive. But as far as I can tell it is unrelated to the
rest of the text. But maybe "she" is the dead baby. I don't know. But the
explanation written in the US Sparrow release anyway is really beside the
point. I don't believe the phrase was intended to make reference to the
grave reality of hell, but rather as an attention grabbing explicative. I
know their explanation sounds theologically profound, but if we must
strengthen our vocabulary with such expressions, let's try to be perfectly
frank about our motives. Thanks all


> Chris Moesel says

Although I *do* encourage people to speak their mind, whether or
not I may agree, I have been quite surprised at how many people are
disappointed with d:'s new work. And throughout it all, I see a common
theme-- "Why couldn't you stay the way you were?" or "What we need is your
style of worship, and you've gone and..." or "You've lost track of Jesus in
your songs." I would like to challenge these statements. On the most
technical aspect, we cannot refer to d: as being "cutting edge", "redefining
worship", or redefining anything, for that matter, and then expect them to
remain the same. After all, change is the essential component of the
cutting edge, and of redefinition. Delirious did not make such a difference
in our lives by doing what was the accepted and expected thing to do in
their day. So, as we leave some of the old behind, remember, that means we
are heading somewhere new, and that can be exciting! More importantly,
however, I think we need to keep in mind that it is not d:'s job to keep on
giving us what *we* want. d: does not follow the society, nor does it
follow its Christian fans, nor does it even follow the Church-- d: follows
the Lord, and sometimes, just because *we* want d: to be a certain way, it
doesn't mean that that is the way that they *should* be. I would just
challenge those who were expecting something different to ask themselves--
are they putting d: in a box? Are they putting God in a box? Does d: have
to work in the way that *we* expect in order to complete God's work? I
don't think so. I love d:, and I love their music, but most of all, I love
their heart for the Lord-- and I trust that in everything they do, they are
doing their best to follow Him. I am confident that every song on
Mezzamorphis was individually *bathed* in prayer before it made it onto the
album. I don't think d: does *anything* without getting approval of the
Father first... And *that* is all I need to know.

And besides, the music is brilliant. =)


> Pete Willis says

absolutely love the new album,don`t agree with anyone that says
they have sold out.Our goal should be to reach the unsaved with the talents
God has given us which is exactly what Delirious are doing.They have not
watered down their lyrics if you can`t find christian meaning in them then I
would be worried about you.I have managed to pick up a few copies of the CD
Promo for the unreleased Gravity single with a bolt and folder etc.It`s a
brilliant item and I may sell a couple if the price is right.Anyway keep
supporting the band they are doing a great work for the Lord


> Henry S says

This is only my second time writing in. Just want to say that I
read Martin's letter on "defending" his position for the d:band, i.e. his
response on some comment about "selling out." I am reminded that we, as
Christians, are to be the "light" and "salt" of the world. In fact, in
"live & in the can" the verses were quoted rather clearly by Martin. If
Martin's truly writing the response from his heart (not from "marketing
push"), I believe that he hasn't lost the vision, in fact he has strengthen
his vision and to take the anointing to a greater call. It's time that we
stop thinking of blessing ourselves. It's time that we (the universal body
of Christ) take the step to bless the world surround us, and to take that
"light" to where it's truly needed: in the dark. Let the "mountains
continue to tremble"....God bless!


> Henry S says

Hello Friend....

Several friends of mine and I just came back from a d:eliriou5? gig at the
Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival in sunny Northern California.
And I just gotta say that the d:band is just awesome. I especially like how
towards the end of the gig, Martin introduced the rest of d:band's families
and the little "history makers" to the stage. It really brought a sense of
where their priorities still lie -- God and family -- despite all of the
things they needed to go through in this "mezzamorphis" phase. Though
subtle, I think we all needed to see that message, esp. here in the US of A.
I've used their albums as witnessing tools to some of my non Christian
co-workers at work; introducing them to d:eliriou5? and letting them know
that "Christian music" is as good as (if not better) than the stuff they
play on the radio these days. We can't wait to see them in November at
their own gig in San Francisco! I hope that God will use d:elirou5? for His
greater glory and to bring more of those who are in darkness to see the
"beautiful Son"!

Find me in the river...

> drummyguy says

I saw d: in Arlington, Texas, USA, last night. It was my first d:
gig. They were even better than I hoped they would be. Very tight. Excellent
mix. Great song list. I really like the Mezzamorphis material, but got
hooked on d: with the old stuff, so I was concerned that they might have
left a lot of that material behind. Not so. The gig was a perfect mix
spanning the band's history. They played most of Mezzamorphis, but threw in
"Did You Feel the Mountains...", "I'm Not Ashamed", "I've Found Jesus", even
"I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" and "The Happy Song." I was also pleased
at how clear the gospel shone through the lyrics. I hope the secular music
world will discover and embrace them. If anyone would just see them play,
they would be faithful fans. Thanks, guys, for a fun and moving evening.


> Eric Jobe says

Would someone please help me to understand the message of "It's
OK"? After reading the blurb in the lyric sheet, I still dont get the full
idea of what it is trying to communicate. Thanks for your help

> Matt Riker says

I've discussed this with friends, and read the lyrics many times,
but I still don't get "She's as pretty as hell" in the song, "It's Okay."
It wasn't 'pretty clear' to us, and would appreciate it if someone would
share what it means :)

In my opinion, if it isn't blatently clear what the song means (or even
somewhat clear), such a controversial line shouldn't be in the song.


> d:freak says

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Cutting Edge is my favorite album, do you think
you'll come out with one like it?? I hope so, I love your worship music!


> Beth says

Delirious' song Heaven is awesome! It is so true to life. We need
to keep pressing on here on earth, but heaven is going to be the best! There
will be no evil, pain, or shame. That song just really gets you hyped for
heaven and shows God's holiness by comparing life here and life there.
Delirious is awesome! Their performance at Creation '99 East was AWESOME!


> Chelsie says

Hey! I was at the Delirious concert at Six Flags Over Texas on the
Baptist Youth Day. Let me tell you that was definiatly the best concert.
Most bands that I have gone to see don't do much of "Let's let the crowd
sing half of our songs" stuff. Well, when it came "Do You Feel the
Mountains" The whole crowd sang and the band stopped playing and worship
really went on. it was awesome. I have had a "Mountain Top" experince
before but this was better. I learned this song at camp and I didn't know
that Delirious sang it. Thank you Delirious for putting on a great show and
rocking away. I just wish some of those people that weren't there for
Baptist Youth Day could've been there to see and feel God THAT night. I
love your music and I hope to see you in concert again. If I had to rate
that concert at Six Falgs Over Texas I would rate it a 15! Thanks for
letting give my speech.


> Kenny Caudill says

Well, I've read all the messages and I hear a lot of people
complaining about the new direction of the band. I found out about the band
a month or so ago. I heard the song Obsession and that song was the most
incredible thing that I had ever heard. I was immediately in the presence of
God especially when the drummer started going off on those symbals.

A few days ago I bought the Cutting Edge CD. It was the best investment that
I've ever made. The fact that they are willing to take it beyond the normal
and actually do "spontaneous songs" which I haven't heard many praise n
worship teams actually do made me an instant fan.

Ok so now onto the heart of the matter. As a member of my church praise n
worship team I do have some thoughts on their new stuff. I've heard people
including quotes from them saying they are moving on in their purpose. I say
great!! I don't know of very many christian musicians that are true
worshippers. DC Talk being a perfect example. I went to a concert and they
played Nirvana and Beastie Boys stuff, which as a worship leader and having
training about spiritual seeds from music really upset me. So in saying
that, it is ok for Delirious to move on into a new sound, but no matter what
anybody wants to think or say it is IMPOSSIBLE to be moving forward in God
and his purpose and at the same time moving away from worship. The further
you move in God as they say in the song you gotta go deeper in worship. So
it is perfectly ok for them to come up with new stuff, but the moment they
begin to move away from worship will be the moment that God will begin to
move away and they become just another christian band. And I don't that to
happen! They have something so special to offer to a new generation that is
crying out for God. Yes we must reach the lost, but worship is still the key
to release God's power of conviction. So I'll be praying that the band is
still going deeper in God. And I do believe they are a group formed by God
and I pray they will become History Makers all over the world!! God BLess


> Rosie (LA Woman) says

Delirious is a great band. From the genuine worship of The Cutting
Edge and KOF, to the honest, human lyrics of Mezzamorphis ("Jesus Blood"
pierced my heart-U.S. release). They are right on all the way.

Spurious is great. Delirious rocks. JESUS IS AWESOME.


> Jeff says

Why did the group choose the name delirious? The definiton in the
dictionary is- "

delirious \De*lir"i*ous\, a. [From Delirium.]
Having a delirium; wandering in mind;
light-headed; insane; raving; wild; as, a
delirious patient; delirious fancies. --

Delirium \De*lir"i*um\, n. [L., fr. delirare to
rave, to wander in mind, prop., to go out of]

1. (Med.) A state in which
the thoughts, expressions, and actions are
wild, irregular, and incoherent; mental
aberration; a roving or wandering of the
mind, -- usually dependent on a fever or some
other disease, and so distinguished from
mania, or madness.

2. Strong excitement; wild enthusiasm; madness.

It doesn't seem to be a very appropriate name for a Christian group.


> Rob says

What a mettamorphesis! Delirous has gone from a purely believer
audiance based band to welcoming the unsaved. I'll miss thier influence in
the church worship music, but surely no one can condemn the band's following
of the Spirit! Either they (delirous), or another band, will be used by God
to continue the church worship movement that many believers have come to

I'm not saying that I couldn't worship with the Mezza CD... I did and will
continue to do so! But the band has moved away from the really churchy type
stuff and now are taking on the world. We need to keep them in our prayers.
Wear the full armor boys and God bless!


> Jason Koon says

I haven't bought Mezzamorphisis yet, but I assure you that I will
very soon. At first, I was caught off guard by the change in style between
Mezz and KOF. But as I have heard it more and more I have become more and
more impressed with their new project. I am glad that the band is reaching
out to those that don't know Jesus, but am troubled by the response they are
getting from some of their fans. We have experienced a similar thing over
here in the U.S. with Jars of Clay. When Jars started playing at bars with
mainstream bands they caught it from the people that they were playing for,
who would often shout obscenties at them, and from the church who would do
everything but shout obscenties at them. I hope the same thing does not
happen to Delirious, because they are going into the world with the message
of Christ and need the support of their Christian fans. I do miss the old
worship style, Delirious is THE best Praise and Worship act ever, but maybe
now its time for them to reach out to the people that need Jesus. Please,
don't criticize them for doing this, we still have the Cutting Edge, Live in
the Can, and KOF that we can pop in our CD players whenever we want to
listen to Delirious' amazing worship music. We don't need them to do
another worship album, I hope someday they do another worship album, but for
now, maybe its time to spread the message of Jesus to those who need Jesu
and are not interested in worship music. I'm sorry if this is getting long,
but I just feel that the Christian music industry in America has this
attitude that if the world likes it something is wrong. We don't want the
world listening to our music, and hearing about our Jesus, and I don't like
that attitude at all. I don't want to see Delirious' fans pick up that same
attitude, I want to see them support the band and pray for them as they
spread the message of Jesus.


> Jessica says

Welp, I just wanted to say that Deliriou5? rocked Nashville when
they were here a few months ago. It was so da bomb! The crowd was kewl, the
band was kewler and Stu G.'s outfit was the kewlest. My dad was trippin, in
a good way of course. He said, ' Did yu see what that guy was wearing?!' It
was so funny. I guess some people don't expect to see guys in skirts ( yes,
I know, thats not the correct term, but forgive me, its late and I can't
think right now ). But hey, Stu G looks GOOD in it, so if anyone should,
it's him. Although I've heard Martin looks good in one too.....Anywayz,
Mezzamorphis rocks big time!! I luv Cutting Edge, its the best praise and
worship music I've EVER heard!! And I just got King of Fools a few days ago,
so I'm diggin it right now!! August 30th is such a powerful song, man, and
knowing the story behind it makes it even more powerful! Welp, guys, PLEASE
come back to Nashville as soon as ya can, cause I know I luv ya, and I ain't
the only one!!!! Ya know Doug and Karla and Ace and Marcia luv ya too!!
That would be the Way-FM D.J.'s for you non-Nashville living people :) Welp,
just wanted to say hi again, and let me just say right quick: Blindfold is
such a moving song, and so is It's OK, no matter what people think of that
one lyric. My personal opinion is that if it brings you closer to God,
forget what everyone else thinks. The politics of the Christian Music
Industry frustrate me so much some times. Why Christian music groups can't
just sing for Jesus without worrying about being 'boycotted' in a store is
beyond me! Deliriou5?, keep rocking for Him and remember no matter who won't
carry your CD, we're always gonna be behind ya and beside ya all the way!!!
Amen baby!!! Bye 4 now but not 4ever ><>


> Ben Currington says

Who said blur weren't good? Okay, so they're not christian, but
their album has got to be one of the highlights of this year as far as the
music scene goes... and when did oasis last release a record?

Don't you think it's about time Stu stopped wearing a kilt... I'm starting
to worry about the guy...


> Marshall says

Hey Delirious? is the best band to walk the Planet. And the Dallas
gig with all the 10,000 raving delirous? maniacs was a blast i hope they
come back soon!!!!


> Ron Fox says

I was reading the points of view and just wanted to chime in. I
just got the Mezzamorphis CD. I don't want to give a 'review', I haven't
really gotten through all the songs to that point yet. What I have heard so
far is a constant progression in style and song writing ability from Cutting
Edge to Mezza. While several songs on Cutting Edge (disk 2) are my
favorites, that says more about me than it does about Delirious. Some of the
melodies in Mezza are haunting and unforgettable though nothing jumps off
the album and shouts "Listen To Me" like Deeper (except Deeper but that
doesn't count), History Maker, Did You Feel..., I'm Not Ashamed. All I want
to say is, I am a forty something guy with a young son who loves Delirious.
I cannot imagine a world or a parallel universe, where my father and I would
both have the same favorite band. Something pretty unusual is going on
here, say, like the hearts of the fathers and sons turning towards each
other. Whatever. We are going together to see them in concert soon. Can't
wait - should be interesting.


> mike the viking says

well.....the news about the new single is sure way in advance!! wonder why that is? who knows. well i hope it does good because the lads deserve some cash in the coffers as they work their trousers off. heres to It's OK. m.


> daria says

i think the selling out thing is a bunch of crap and everybody just needs to calm down about it. someone like carman or steven curtis chapman can put out song after song, album after album that's exactly the same, and everybody in the christian market eats it up. but then delirious? actually makes something unique and different and everybody in the christian market spazzes out and starts screaming "sell-out!!!!!!" I love delirious. I love mezza. I think it's much better musically than their previous stuff. maybe it doesn't "grab" you at first, but it grows on you and you can still listen to it over and over again because of the musical complexity and the neat little noises. delirious has not sold out. they made an awesome record.


> Henry says

Hey, anyone know when's Deliriou5? gonna come to the San Francisco Bay Area? I watched them at the Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival just a couple of months back, but can't wait to see them again. I'm hearing rumor that it's going to be on Nov 21, but is this confirmed? Someone please help if you have the right info. h.


> Tony Amis says

Great News that Delirious are releasing a new single in the UK. Feb 2000 seems a long while to wait for a track that is already a year old, strong track though it is. Hopefully there will be plenty of content on the CD to encourage d: fans to buy it as well as the quality of the main track appealing to the general public. DON'T lose the 'pretty as hell' lyric as the track plays better with it and if some people want to take it out of lyrical context then you will always get that. Mezzamorphis is the most played album in my house by both myself and my numero uno son, who enjoys Ibiza anthems, divine comedy, robbie williams etc. It is a strong album and how radio 1 can playlist vengabus claptrap in preference to gravity or the like i don't know. I would personally state here that musically Mezzamorphis is twice as good as King of Fools and there are few weak songs on it. personally my faves on it above its ok, would be bliss, metamorphis and heaven. i hope that Delirious continue and we see a new album to follow up the acclaim of mezza in the first half of 2000, also i need to see a gig soon but anglia doesn't seem to get frequented by good bands very often. all the best thanks for the newsworthy site Tony

> Ryan Vanni says

We're promoting a concert in Sacramento, Ca on Tuesday, Nov.16th at the Sacramento Community Theater. Just wanted to get the date out and on all the websites for the upcoming tour dates. Check out our website, (just starting so it's only one page) at cgproductions.org Thanks


> Benny Boy says

Hi de ho, neighbour! Well, I think they're good... Delirious, I mean. they're good! I'm always hearing people saying they're losing it (being sold out, and all that), but come on, their stuff ain't bad, is it? The music's still really cool, if it is changing, and all bands change their style... as long as they don't turn buddhist, I don't mind!!! (no particular *grudge* towards buddhists there, I'm a Christian so I don't hold grudges, it's just the first form of madness... I mean cult that springs to, er... oh, pants... nevermind) Look at it this way, Delirious are Glorifying God - Just in a different way to what they used to. Their music is now far more accessible to non-christians, but still carries the message. I prefer the worship stuff as well, but Delirious are moving on. Rock on d:people!! ;-)

> Karen says

o.k. i've seen a lot of people who have become angry about delirious using the word "hell" in their song. i really think that they don't mean it in the way a lot of people think. they mean it literally. she is LITERALLY as pretty as hell. meaning she's not pretty. if you pay attention to the rest of the song they say "her eyes have no home, the beauty has run from her face..." if you have a problem with them using this word, read the note in the booklet before the song. i just wanted people to know that using the word "hell" other than to refer to the place, is not always wrong. have a great day everybody!


> desiring God says

Hello What is all this talk about the music of Mezzamorphis being disappointing?! First time I heard it, I was amazed. Much of it is pure God-given genious (Follow)- aw yeah, that IS my prayer. The album is one that I would love to lend out to anybody. Let's keep praying for Delirious and each other. May God shine His face on us that we may be saved and all the nations may praise Him!!!

> barbara says

I am really daft about delirious. I have the albums, t-shirts, frisbees etc, so why can I not see them live? Well apparently it's because I live in Scotland. True, they have been here before and played the Barrowlands twice(I was the one in the front row with the tartan tammie on), but on their new tour they are not coming north of the border. Has my tartan tammie with false ginger hair scared them off? If you agree, please email furious? and tell them.


> NO. 1 delirious fan! says

Just to say that I think delirious well and truly ROCK! Mezzamorphis is my favourite album ever, out of my whole cd collection which includes a lot of secular stuff (Manics,Stereophonics,new radicals etc.)I am going to see em at Sheffield on Nov 4th anyone else going then?


> Larry says

FIRST About Deliriou5 saying Hell in their song "its ok" Having not talked to Deliriou5 themselves, this is only a theory...They say she is as pretty as hell, but then go on to say her eyes have no home, and the beauty has run from her face. The last two remarks give the opinion that she is not pretty. Now, they must be using the word Hell in a spiritual sense not an offensive sense. Because looking form a christian point of view, hell is not pretty so they must be saying this girl is not very pretty....And to clarify this, read the note from Deliriou5 right before the lyrics in the CD cover. On a praise note to Deliriou5...I have seen EVery major christian band multple times. and pretty much ever minor band at least once. BUt i have been to a LOT of concert and of all of them, Deliriou5 were the ones that could hold praise and produce energy the best. I prefer them over DCTalk and Newsboys..(not to rip on them. they are also spectacular)...They were so powerful that At several points during the concert, he stopped singing and the whole theater was drowning him out with praise lyrics. Keep it up Deliriou5...you hhave been an inspiratoion and i MEAN that.

> Doug says

just wanted to say that the new album has some great songs on it and it is a mainstay on my cd changer... having said that, i must say that the band itself and all its fans have to stop making excuses for mezzamorphosis and the direction that the band is taking... first, let's stop with all this nonsense about trying to make music that will reach the secular market... yes, the new album is musically great and will draw new fans to delirious but it is ridiculous to think that it will draw the unreached to Jesus... so stop saying that the purpose of the new direction is to reach those who haven't yet accepted Christ.. they might like the music (i'm sure of that) but please... if the boys say that they still want to proclaim about Jesus, then do it boldly.. none of this cutesy "hide behind the lyrics" and "oh, the people will know that we're talking about God" b/c if u're afraid the secular market will be turend off if u keep on mentioning the word "Jesus" then you've already lost... some like to say that the lyrics of delirious is a relationship just between the band and God but as public figures (whether they like to be or not) they have a responsibility to use their talents to connect the Christian audience to our Father with their music... now, if they want to become a succesful secular band, that's fine, b/c i'll continue to love their stuff, but please stop masquerading the real purpose of the album which is to develop a larger fan base, not to glorify our Saviour...


> chad troquille says

I want to say that God is great and greatly to be praised. I believe that this generation is not lost...yet. God as been breaking me. I am broken. I think it's time to stop being complacent and lukewarm. It's time to step up and account for sin in our lives. It's time to begin to intercede for the youth of this nation and of the world. They are reachable. I live in the generation that was labled " Gen X ". I'm glad we were labled that. Because I know that this generation is marked. We are a chosen generation, a holy nation. We are on the verge of a spiritual awakening like this world has never seen. It's time to interceed for the sins of our nation/world. It's time to grow up and take our place in Christ. We are chosen to bring revival to a spiritual dying generation. It's inevitable. It's already starting to happen. I know it will. Thank you for your time. Sincerely in Christ. Chad Troquille


> angela says

Hey, i received the latest mailing from the d:boys and they were saying that if everybody on their mailing list bought both of the 'It's Okay' singles then they could get into the top 10. That would be so amazing so lets do that! 1) Tell your friends to buy it too. It won't cost them much and it would definitely be worth it because its an really cool track. 2) Write to/email Radio 1 and POLITELY ask them to play the track. You don't need to use religous language or anything - just say you are a fan, you think its a great track and it should be played. 3) Buy it yourself, don't forget this is your massive campaign to get everyone else to buy it! 4) Start now. Okay 21st February 2000 seems ages away but if you start thinking about it now you'll be better prepared when the time comes to start writing, emailing or talking to people. 5) If you live in the USA or you thik that you couldn't take any of the above steps to help then PRAY (or think about us if you don't do praying!) Music is such a good way to reach people or to get them thinking and the d:boys really deserve it. They could have stayed in the USA and been huge christian music stars but they're not backing down, they're still going fo it! Sorry, if I've scared you lots by my total passion for the d:single 'Its Okay' but the week beginning 21st February 2000 is going to be a v.exciting one for me!! What do you think? Thanks for talking the time to read this and thank you if you're going to do something about it. x angela x

> Jenny Gallivan says

I jsut wanted to say that this is a great site! I'm really pleased Deliriou5? are releasing 'It's ok' because it's my favourite track of the album. I'm going to see them in Cambridge in a week and I can't wait!!


> Ben says

OK, I just want to quickly get in on this annoying debate over the word "hell" in the song "It's OK." I lived in England for 9 months and frequently went to Delirious gigs. I saw them approx. 12 times live. What we are talking about here is simple case of culture shock. In England the word hell is batted around like "darn" is here. It doesn't carry the same cultural context as it does here in the States. In England the word "bloody" or "buggin'" carries some very strong meaning. Imagine if DC Talk released an album in the UK that used the word "buggin'" in it? DC Talk would not be offending God. Notice that there has been little or no uproar over this in the UK. It sounds to me like some American Christians need to stop being so religious and quit all the "bloody" "buggin" over such an incredibly minor issue.


> Erin says

Martin, don't change your hair so much! and forget the spikey look, it's not you!


> Marianne Sadler says

This is in response to 'Doug', You mentioned that you think the only reason that D: are changing their musical style and releasing it into the mainstream, is for a larger 'fan Base'that is total 'Rubbish' if you've listened to D: in recent interviews, they have explained that the reason they're starting to do this is because 'They' (Delirious?) want to reach the 'unchurched' they want to draw people to 'Christ' and get the Christian Message outside of 'Churchwalls' listen to the recent interviews here on Spurious?. In England, you have to take it slow, shoving the Gospel in people's faces won't work, people will walk away and not pay attention, you have to plant seeds, and develope good relationships with people first without shoving your Beliefs at people, people are very anti-Christian in England, or a majority of people in England don't know about Christianty, I think what Delirious? are doing is excellent! and the lyrics in the Mezza CD blatantly point toward God, it can get people thinking about God(people who don't God) and God can use that and point people in the right direction toward 'Him'. Cheers! Marianne Love Delirious?!!! P.S They(Delirious?) even turned down a '70' State Tour with DC Talk which could have earned them at least 500,000 more fans! but they decided to stick with their Calling and go back to England(or the UK), and go after their 'Vision' to reach the 'UnChurched'. Keep it up! D:!!


> bob says

great band love the syle and new aproach but what made them decide to bring that track out as a new single, Love falls down would have been a better choice plenty of remix potential. BOB.


> David Adam says

Delirious are one of the best Christian bands in the world that I know of, and that is quite cool. I'm glad you got to No.16 in the pop charts. Good luck with your next single, and I hope your music can reach out to people who wouldn't otherwise hear it.


> Juliet says

I hadn't thought of that meaning to the word 'Hell'. Thanks guys for sorting that out a bit more. I was a little worried about it! I knew they didn't mean it in the way that I thought they meant it but I wasn't sure how they did mean it, if you know what I mean!


> Martha Swann says

Finally a decent site with relevant, groovy d:? stuff. I wanna say thanx and rock on baby! Luv, Martha x ps CU all at Soul Survivor next year?! pps Matthew 7v7. Indeed.

> Bug says

I love Mezzamorphis, it's great, but I can't hear many references to our JC..I'm sure he's there..but didn't He say something like whoever is ashamed to know Him, at the day of judgement, Jesus will be ashamed to know them before his father? We have a message to proclaim, and d:? should do it more openly, they can reach a bigger market than most of us, shouldn't they take the lead from dcTalk and The World Wide Message Tribe, not just words, but actions? I know somehow they need to get a large following, and how better to that than to get to no.1, but they shouldn't disguise what they stand for. Still love their music, though. (How come Martin features in my Bible, btw?) Luv 'n' hugz, Bug ps I would love to e-mail more Christians, I am 17 and would love to get more links with those who believe the same as me: funky_believer@hotmail.com


> Ren says

I think Delirous? are the best think to happen to Christian Rock in a long time and their music is awesome! It has such a deep message beyond the pounding tunes and it appeals to non-believers too. I'd just like to say that I'll be at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on the 13th December with my mates to see Delirious? - is anyone reading this going too?


> Dave says

Why do people think that Christians who make music have to try and convert the whole world through their music, why does every single line have to say oh Jesus died for you, get saved or goto hell etc etc. It's so annoying that people think that music that goes on about Christ in a very chriostian way is gonna change people. The majority of people are turned off by christian music becuase it aint very good or is percieved to be not very good!! (I myself have a large collection of great christian music!!). Plus how many people get convered when you see some preacher standing in the street shouting the news that their gonna die or that Jesus loves them. Now no disrespect to them, if thats what God has called them to do then that is what they need to do and I won't mock them. But from my own personal view I do not see this kind of evangelism working for all situations, the same with music, some christian musicians are called to write blantently christian lyrics talking about christs love etc. However some are not. And the best witness i think is how we live our lives, how we are different to the world, not striving and bible bashing but letting God open peoples eyes to the gospel and when it is right to preach then we preach blatently but when it is right to stay quiet and humble and leave our lives in the right way - helping the poor etc etc this can change other peoples lives. And now my sermon (whoops!!!) is over (sorry for preaching people!) but Delirious say they are making music that will make God smile and to know the God that is smiling down on them. And isn't that wot we are all here to do. To know God! and then we are share God with others in many many many different ways and Dleirious do this through many different ways!! Thank you for the music!!


> patrick says

Hey, nice site, I absolutly love D:'s sound, and the lyrics are so uplifting. I wish they'd get more airplay, and the stations in my area need to play the real things, not a remix to make it softer to more traditional christian ears. As Christians, we are called to go out into the world and bring the lost souls in. Shouldn't our radio be something that not only uplifts people, but also is current? Deliriou5? does an excellent job of this, as do many other Christian groups, (dc talk coming to mind). To the bands, keep on rocking, sell out records, not values, and give God the glory, let God give the success.


> Dan says

I just want to say that I believe that our God is a God of change and it's a re-occurring trate of 'the church' to find something that it likes and then not allow it the space to change and develope as the Creator intends. My example of this would be church pews. Just look at all the fuss that they cause up and down the country, (England). Now I'm not saying that i'm compairing the d:boys with church pews for one minute. That just wouldn't be game, but I hope that you can see the point that I'm making. God is always calling us to change and move on to the next challenge which is what Delirious are doing and look at the blessing that they are recieving because of that. We should be supporting them,... and the idea of them selling out is nonsense. You've got to meet people in a relevant way with the good news and church pews ain't the way! God Bless the d:boys and all the d:army


> Benny Boy says

Good to hear the guys are writing some more stuff... can't wait to hear it... or get It's Ok. Just one thing... why can't our comments on this page be put up more regularly... We've still got stuff from October on here... and that's the latest.

> Sophie says

I think deliriou5? absolutley ROCK. I've got 3 t-shirts the hat, 1 single and 3 albums. Does this make me obsessed?


> some Canadian, eh? says

this site is better than the official d: site, and that's really sad, eh? anywho, what's the big deal with a singal? (well, i guess anything about delirious is a big deal, eh?)


> Andy Best says

Wow! what a gig at Sheperds Bush! (20th Dec '99). Loads of moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing etc. The stewards weren't too impressed, but the band seemed to relish it. It was only spoilt by some scumbag stealing my bunch of keys. (unless anyone reading this found them, but I think it was on the tube). The best gig in the world ever, to coin a phrase.


> Lissia says

Just a word from a french fan. I want to say that the boys have an impact even here, in France. But we would like to see them more in our country... I know that we will see them one day... I hope actually. But most of all I hope to see here in our religious country, groups like this one, burning for Jesus! I really want to see the french youth saved and I sincerely believe that music is the best way to touch their heart. Thank you boys for being an example for us to follow. I long to see the revival in my country... Go on, Delirious, for there are so many young people thirsty for more of God...


> maz says

mmmmmm.......I just wanna say, that Delirious are great!!! I've seen them 8 times live and each time has been an experience I will never forget! I really respect them for what they do and how they are trying to reach out to young people through their music, and its working I have seen people who are not christian buying their singles etc... Their are a big inspiration to me and definately my 4 other good friends who follow d: too. Yes, their music has changed and I love what they did at each stage, but they haven't been afraid to move on and follow God and complete what he has in store for them and their music! In the words of the Boys themselves "I'm not backing Down", even though they're finding it difficult with certain media aspects they keep on going, not backing down!! They still truly believe in what they are doing..........and thats why I totally respect the guys! god bless you all, marianne


> Rachel says

I love delirious?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their my second favorite band. Does anyone know if they're coming to Ottawa (Ont.Canada)anytime soon? Like before I grow old and grey?! Well, Love ya delirious?! Bye all! Rachel(eh?)

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