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> Roxanne"Squirrel" Naidoo says

Seriously, my nickname is squirrel.(Don't laugh). Anyway, I think Delirious is an awesome band aimed to spread the truth to the young people. I don't see the need for critics to go around condemning or making fun of the band, (especially Martin). Remarks such as, "..for once maybe he could hit the high notes" really is a bit annoying to the fan who appreciates the hard work and dedication he puts into writing and singing songs for the glory of God. I mean, if a person is criticised for doing something good then I think the person who criticises them should only throw in remarks if he/she could do a better job. For now, Delirious is great and their single will be a total success. From a dedicated fan in South Africa.

> Hmm...? says

Well, when are we gonna see the boys out here in Singapore? They have a large core of die hard fans living out hear (many from the US or UK and kicking themselves for missing gigs "back home") and it's all very well having Jars of Clay come over, All Star United and Sonic Flood as well, but we want dELIRIOUS? Hey, how about a short stopover on the way back from the NZ Parachute festival....we're on the way home? Anyway, roll on Feb.


> Mark Spiers says

I’m not a Christian or religious at all. But one thing that I have to say is Delirious are one Top band. A Christian friend of mine lent me their CD- King Of Fools, but at first she didn’t tell me that you guys are a Christian band, not that I would of minded. But after listening to her copy of the CD, I went out and brought a copy for myself. The music is so cool that I’ve even splashed out on buying a T-shirt as well. I would also like to thank the band for sending me a signed photo, as I do collect rare music items. Mark Spiers E-mail: Indieman@hotmail.com


> Josiah says

Delirious rock!!!!!!!!!


> muts says

In response to Ben's point abt the word "Hell": Thank you!


> Jessica says

I luv Martins hair with that spiky look, its awesome. Anywayz, on to a subject that really matters, I think that the word 'Hell' is no big deal in that song. Anyone with half a mind can si there, read the lyrics, and put 2 and 2 together. Goodness! Shes as pretty as hell ( SHE AIN'T PRETTY ). Keep reading the next few lines and you can clearly see that there ain't nothin wrong with that word in the form or use. ANyhoo, is Love Falls Down being released as a single in the US??? Cause I heard one of our DJ's say that this is thier new single LOVE FALLS DOWN. Now, don't get me wrong, hat song rocks, I just thought the next one was Its OK. PLEASE tell me that Its OK will be released as a single ov


> Alejandro Frese Gómez says

Ok guys, you'll need some translation with this: Amigos de Delirious? ¿Qué estan esperando para venir a Puebla, México? I don't know if the rumour are true, but we have a congress here at a church named Amistad de Puebla, where Gerald Coates came last year, and it's said that you guys are maybe coming, well, don't wait for another chance, just do it ok? God Bless you


> daniel says

delirious? are the greatest band in the world!...er...well...that's it, except i hope that it's OK gets in the top 10, 'cos it should! Also i'm well impressed how they've included Jesus Blood on the new single. It shows they're still not ashamed of the gospel, even though they're getting bigger!

when i say they're getting bigger, i mean more popular, although i don't know much about the bands dieting regeime! (did i spell that right?)


> Big Peter says

Y'all I reckon, right, that the older stuff was better however if the new style brings new people to God then it will all be worth it.


> Amy says

Hey! This is a little late but I just wanted to share my Delirious concert experience. Back in August of '99, I lamented (okay, it was more like whined) that I had never seen Delirious live, and when would they ever come to Cleveland, Ohio? Imagine my happiness when I discovered they would be coming in September, and to a venue a scant two minute drive from my house! Well, I was so full of glee that I asked a school friend - one who had never heard of Delirious - to come with me to the concert. To my great surprise, she agreed. She's really into hard-core bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit, so I was a little curious as to what she would think of Delirious. Anyhow, I enjoyed the concert immensely (best concert I've ever been to!) The highlight had to be when Martin donned a white fedora, festooned with a long, black feather, that a fan had tossed to him. But back to Christine. She was impressed with the concert, despite being unfamiliar with the songs, etc. It was really the best kind of concert to take a non-Christian friend to - no religion, just Jesus! She had certainly never heard praise-and-worship songs at a rock show before. After the concert, she commented that Martin reminded her of Rod Stewart (!?). All in all, we had a great time. Thanks for listening! (reading?) Bye....

> val! says

D:? rock! I guess I just wanna spread a bit of Christ's love around. He is an amazing God and he NEVER ceases (?!!!!) to amaze me w/ how faithful he is. I guess I would also like to encourage anyone who isn't feeling particularly close to God right now. we all go through stages like that and I believe that at times God lets that happen so that he can teach us soooooo much. In my experiences of this in the past, at the time it was sooooo hard, but I look back and can laterally map out what he was doing...yeah! Our God rocks! Keep the faith! oh...and D:?!! - keep rockin'... you guys inspire me. If anyone wants to email me, I'm 17, female, from the uk. I'd love to hear from you! god bless...Val!xxx


> justin says

i love obsession! it is the most powerful song i have ever heard and you guys should do a single for this song.keep your hair the same martin! i live in the U.S. and there are a ton of people who don't understand IT'S OKAY and it really makes me mad that they won't listen to your other music because of this one lyric. i like what ben said ! go ben!!!!!!!!!! justin


> newie says

Hey!! I've only ever heard 2 delirious? songs ("history maker" and "promise") but I think those two sound great. Is the album "king of fools" (the one that those two appear on, right?) as good in your opinions? Does this website (or any, for that matter...) contain the lyrics, because I'm interested in seeing what their songs are about. And have any of you had trouble getting into the official uk website?? Like the discussion forum!!

> Moosey says

PLease can everyone stop going on about how good the Sheppards Bush gig was on December 20th because I missed it and I'm very very bitter thank you very much!!! (only joking)


> Jenny Gallivan says

Hi! I would love to hear from anyone who wants an email-penpal-type-person, I'm 16 and I live in Bedford, England. Also, just a thought, if there's anyone out there who thinks they can help me pass Chemistry A-level, that'd be a bonus!! Love, Jenny <><


> Jenny says

Hi! Your site's really great and the news things you send out are really cool. My only very little complaint is that in the points of views thing you should have the most recent ones at the top. Thanks mate! Love, Jenny <><


> stevieD says

Do we call an architect who is a christian a Christian Architect, or a doctor who is a christian a Christian doctor? Why all this talk about a Christian Band? Is it not enough to make extremely good music for the glory of God? Why is that christians all over the world feel like their fav "christian" bands have to scream it at the top of their lungs that they are christians. Does the architect write "this bridge was built by a christian" all over his creation? Does that win the lost? Or is his ministry the same as Paul's was in the bible. Relationships built with people. Paul was a preacher, but he didn't preach to everyone. Some people he knew would not respond to it. He changed his methods for the people he was trying to reach. Do you realize how much effort it takes to fit into the christian sub-culture in the US? We speak our own language, and separate ourselves so far from non-believers that we have alienated ourselves from the very world that we are here to save. Yet we look exactly like the world. We just slap the title "christian" on all our t-shirts and music and books. We are to be IN THE WORLD not OF THE WORLD. We have it backwards. Hooray to bands like Delirious who realize that they can make beautiful music to the glory of God without even writing a lyric. Do you understand the fact that it is possible for a song written by a non-christian to be able to encourage you just as much as (or more than) a song written by a christian? Disagree? As far as the song "it's okay" goes, read Martin's reply on this site. I can't say it any better. But to add to that, yes hell is a place. And yes, Satan is very alluring and appears very outwardly beautiful. You think sin isn't pleasing to ourselves and enjoyable? are you crazy? We have placed a legalism on ourselves that says "don't say the word Hell." Do any of you even know why? Can you get to the bottom of that? Is the word Hell wrong to say? Why? Does the commandment "do not take the Lord's name in vain" simply mean "Do not say God D__?" or does it mean, do not profess his name and then live in another manner? Lastly. Let the band grow and change. They are aptly capable of glorifying God by making music that does not sound exactly the same. They can glorify God just as much if they don't ever mention the name "Jesus Christ". They can glorify God by singing about a tree. Or their family. Or a book. "Christian Music" is not limited to being songs about Jesus. Remember that we call them christian musicians as well. Not christian lyric writers. They make music to the glory of God. God does not call us to sacrifice artistic value for the sake of a message. He calls us to, as his creation, to make the best music that we can. Delirious is doing this. If you don't feel like your needs are being met, leave your christian bubble for a little while. Form some relationships with non-believers. And see how much they care that everything you do is splattered with the title of Christian except your life.