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> Nick says

Hey, just got back from the Manchester Instore....they ROCKED!!! Well, what else can I say, can't remember the setlist, but they started with Bliss and ended with Deeper, denied the audiences cheering for History Maker and ended It's Ok with a chorus of I Will Sing Of Your Love Forever.... As I said they rocked on stage but afterwards Martin was looking *a bit* tired, not good with the week he's got ahead of him.... Another point, we had no Jonson!!!! Apparently off at a wedding, and I find this a cool sign of "feet-on-the-groud-ness" missing a launch for a wedding, how totally human.... Anyway, My head's spinning, The bed's calling....night night! Nick PS Martin didn't look to impressed about a friend I took along ust buying one CD.....esp. as it was See The Star....last time I take him....!

> Bob the revolutor says

My pal and I like the new stuff (Mezzamorphis), but really hope to see another "Cutting Edge" type CD out next. There's certainly no shame in returning to your roots, and we'd encourage you to do so (If anyone from Deliriou5? ever reads these). We think that what originally attracted us to the music of Deliriou5? was how different it is from the other musical styles out there. It would be nice if you would take another look at the one who gives you the ability to sing and play, and then make that the theme of everything you do until Jesus returns (not to suggest that you are doing otherwise). Until then, "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing; and in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil. Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." bob@bob.wxs.org

> Dylan says

I just wanna say that I think Delirious? are the coolest band ever...and not just for their music. It takes a lot of guts to actually go out into the world and hit them with this stuff, and it really gets up my nose when Religious whiners moans that they dont talk about God anymore. Firstly I think this is down to these people being a bit selfish because they dont have any new songs to sing around a camp fire. They really need to understand what D:boys are really about : getting the message to the world. This takes a different style of music with a different 'language' to speak to these people. I mean, how many non-Christians have you walked up to and said : ' You must be washed clean with the blood of the Lamb and repent of all your evl sins!!' ? I think if I said that to someone, the next thing I would see is the back of their head as they ran away. I really liked King of Fools and I LOVE Mezzamorphis (esp. Bliss) BUT in my youth group we still sing songs like I've Found Jesus, Did You Feel... and Obsession and there is a real annointing on the songs as we play. My point is (eventually) I guess that, the old stuff is great, but things have moved on towards a bigger goal and destiny for them. Also I would just like to add that Delirious? are the best band I have ever seen live (I almost drove up to manchester from South Wales to see them st the signing at Virgin last night...) and recomend to EVERYONE to see them. Right, I'm just off to buy the single!

> sarah says

IThe most fantastic place I have ever heard a d:song being played has to be my local Gap store-my two favourite things in one place at one time!!


> sahra says

hey!!!! I just read a comment about how they wanted another cutting edge style cd . . . and I absolutely love cutting edge, but in my opinion as the band is just getting really acclaimed in the mainstream they shouldn't go back to cutting edge just yet, because that definitely won't get, you know, playlisted and all that stuff. I really do love cutting edge, but I think that another cutting edge cd would be more appropriate once the band has really established themselves, as perhaps a cutting edge cd might cause setbacks and it would perhaps make them have to reestablish themselves, and you know, with all the great stuff they've done I think that would just not be good. I love all the delirious stuff, different as it all is, and I have nothing against cutting edge, (I would love to see another cutting edge cd as well) but I just really think that it wouldn't get them ahead, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the band develop in the direction they're going in as well, cuz I love Mezzamorphis too. Well, anyways, I could be wrong, cutting edge might not set them back in the way of breaking into the mainstream and stuff, but I think it has that potential. Anyways, that's just my opinion.

> Chris Lindsay says

Wow those new B-sides are good. If you are reading this and do not already have BOTH copys go, leave you computer and buy them.... what are the odds of me knowing the authers of 3 out of 4 of the people who wrote the 21st's points of veiw? At least it sure reads like the Nick, Sarah and Dyl I know so just in case it is: Hey there Nick!!! Sarah you need to phone me about camp!! Dylan - just keep rocking. Sorry if you are not the Nick, Sarah and Dyl I know but I'm sure your very nice and you can ignore the instructions. (sorry to those at spurious if you have already recived this but I may or may not of blanked it so I've sent it again just in case!)

> Sam says

What a day to find your site. The excitement of this new release must be getting to me. I bought the double CD set yesterday and still found the song as moving as when we saw the boys do it live in Glasgow last May. Its going to change a lot of peolple's ideas about what Christians are all about: they can have a relationship with a saviour AND listen to good, meaningful music. Bless the boys and their efforts this week. Sam

> Simon_UK says

Went to the Southampton HMV date yesterday Afternoon Fantastic over 500 hundred people there. Bought Both CD's and I absolutely love the Video for Pursuit of Happiness its just pure 70's Cheese its brillient

> alexis gadd says

Hey all, just recieved notification from furious? about d:'s chart position, no 12 after 1 day! Good going!!!! Anyhow, to the crux of my message, I will be inteviewig the lads in the next month for my college radio station, and was lost for original questions to ask the guys, so I'd thought I'd throw the floor open to you the great delirious? loving public. Email me at Alexis_gadd@hotmail.com, if there is anything you want to know, and hey if you ask nicely I may just send you a tape! Ok it's over to you!! Over and Out!!!!

> Mark Spiers says

Dear Spurious? Iím just writing to congratulate the band on reaching number 12 in the music charts, in only two days!!! The single was only realised yesterday and has already reached number 12 in the charts. So can't people just try their music for once, and not keep discarding them, as theyíre a Christian band. Iím not a Christian, but does it matter!!! Iím just sick and tired of all the people that have asked me why I like a Christian band when 1) Iím not a Christian and 2) my other taste in music is bands like: Placebo, Suede, Smashing Pumpkins and Blur etc etc!!! For all those people that have asked me the question or who are about to, Delirious? Are one TOP band!!!!!!!!! I just had to get that out in Cyber Space, thanks! Iím looking forward to Thursday, I must confess I canít wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Its good to see a decent and real band for once, thank you Delirious? Also my friend Hannah for introducing me to their music! Regards Mark Spiers indieman@hotmail.com P.S. Iíve got my own Delirious? Community for those who are interested in joining, its FREE!!! Just follow this link: http://communities.msn.co.uk/Delirious/

> Benny Boy says

I bought the singles yesterday... it's the first time I've heard In Pursuit Of Happiness and Jesus Blood... They're really good chewns! Pursuit of Happiness is so funny!!! I think they should have released that as the single!!!!


> Tom says

I'm living in the US at the moment and can't get the single, so I went to hmv's website and bought it online! Spending more than 5 times the original price on shipping!?! Hey...It's OK! Enjoy the week, wish I was THERE!

> Andy says

hey, I just wanted to say that you guys in the UK should really be glad you have the opportunity to experience the d:fever going on this week. I live in the US, and I'm trying to enjoy the excitement, but it's really difficult. I will be ordering BOTH CD's though. I've gotta see what this Pursuit of Happiness stuff is all about. I've never had a chance to hear the song, or see the video. I can't wait to get home every night to check my e-mail and read each "It's OK" d:news update. And by the way, not all of us Christian d:fans here in the US wish the band would talk about God in every lyric of every new song, or return to the CE days. I love Mezzamorphis, and am excited to see where the band takes it on the next record. I even wish they would release It's OK as a single over here. I know Sparrow probably wouldn't release it to Christian radio, because it contains "that H word." Give me a break. The song could minister to thousands of hurting people, and we Christians get hung up on one little word, and miss out on a ministry opportunity. I need to go before I preach for the rest of the night. Thanks Spurious? Andy (jamalew7@aol.com)

> Daniel Chao (Chaos) says

Hey Mark! Wow, I don't know what to say... Amen to you or just I agree! It's funny, I think some non-Christians know how to be more real than Christians are. I haven't been able to get the singles yet as I'm in the States in Southern Cali but I'm working on that British accent. That'd be sweet huh? Chinese guy walking around talking like a Brit. I'm excited to see what the videos and everything look like but yeah... thanks for sticking your two cents in there and not being afraid. I'm Christian myself and I do like "secular" bands too. I remember Gandhi once saying "I would be Christian, if it wasn't for Christians." Anyways... not trying to preach or nothing. Just throwing in my two cents as well.

> Hannah says

I'd like to start by hailing the band as THE BEST and Anna Smith as the luckiest woman in the world!! But now my point... I was just readin d:news and two matters arose in my torrid cerebral patch - firstly, if Jon's likening "It's OK" to a Jag e-type, is he implying that it's already done the rounds and has returned anew? or could he mean also that it's far too expensive for us materialistic mortals to indulge ourselves with? and how could you compare lovely Jon with the terrible cheesy bandits who appear on 'Blind Date'?! Secondly, I know the idea's lovely, but why choose 101. It seems like far too much hard work to devise 101 reasons every time and the significance is somewhat confusing as Room 101 was the place of Winston's utter torture and terror in '1984'. Still, I guess I'm just being anally retentive (as usual) I thought the band looked good on the Big Breakfast and I hope they get into the top ten this time (as they deserve). Anyway, love the site - and God Bless :-) Hannah (16) By the way, I love the hooded tops, they're gorgeous. But could we have tops like MS wore at Shepherds Bush with the removable sleeves - they rock!


> Rachael Snowdon says

Delirious rocked at Nottingham HMV. HOWEVER...does anyone else think that Martin should sort his hair out. Johnathan Ross was right when he said he looked a bit like an Iguana! Furthermore, I'd also like to ask if anyone else is getting a bit sick and tired of certain young ladies going all crazy about d:boys, especially Martin and Jon? At the norwich gig when Martin jumped into the crowd loads of them tried to grab him. If I have to hear 'ooh I touched him!' or 'ooh he looked/smiled at me' e.t.c. I will go insane. Grow up! They're all married and that's that.

> sarah says

Yeah Chris, the whole cam thing is in progress, the brain is dead after Firestarter. Hey Nick, last night was cool, see you soon. Email me sometime. Chris, give him my email address. I'll call. See ya!

> Rachael Snowdon says

Delirious rocked at Nottingham HMV. HOWEVER...does anyone else think that Martin should sort his hair out. Johnathan Ross was right when he said he looked a bit like an Iguana! Furthermore, I'd also like to ask if anyone else is getting a bit sick and tired of certain young ladies going all crazy about d:boys, especially Martin and Jon? At the norwich gig when Martin jumped into the crowd loads of them tried to grab him. If I have to hear 'ooh I touched him!' or 'ooh he looked/smiled at me' e.t.c. I will go insane. Grow up! They're all married and that's that.

> sarah says

Yeah Chris, the whole cam thing is in progress, the brain is dead after Firestarter. Hey Nick, last night was cool, see you soon. Email me sometime. Chris, give him my email address. I'll call. See ya!


> Estelle says

Soz about that I sent it by accident! As I was saying is Thatcher trying to compete against stu, stew and martin for the wort/ best (delete as appropriate!) hair cut in the band?! Anyways thats all for now! Don't forget to keep asking those loacl stations for the boys when ever they have a juke box sesh! Estelle

> Jenny says

Hi! I was just emailing because I read on your news thing that loads of people had told Stew that the band weren't 'Christian enough' on the Big Breakfast. Well, I saw them and I thought they were great, they shouldn't have to be really, really, Chrisitan or evangelical or whatever people were expecting them to be all the time because it will just alienate people and the main thing is that loads of people get to hear the great music that they make and that won't happen if they go around preaching wherever they go. Thanks! Love, Jenny <><

> Nick says

Well, seems that the weeks been going well, here's hoping and praying for the crucial Sunday night annoucement...still we'll see...Sarah/Chris good camp? Any students in Edinburgh need to get to Firestarter! And as for Martins hair...I like it, it's individual! at least he makes the effort...Stew just shaves his off! (that's Stew Smith...Stu G has an excuse!)

> Biscuit and Batdotz says

HI we think delirious are one of the most underrated bands of the millunium and we have been thinking about setting up a delirious fanzine. If any one is interested in this or if you would like to contribute somthing please contact us at biscuitjo@yahoo.co.uk thankyou very much We would start a delirious website but there would be no point because there are so many ace ones already!! especially this funky site We are please to say we bought cd 1 cd 2 and the tape of the amazing its ok! but we are also upset that the boys havent released its ok on vinyl!!! well please write to us bye luv batdotz and biscuit!


> Hannah Hughes says

"It's okay" single is great, and there is really some great stuff going on, my prayers are really with this. When I heard the track "Jesus Blood" I was so touched I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, it sent shivers right down my body. FANTASTICO!

> Bumble says

Another Top 20 - corking. I guess it now down to us guys to badger the radio stations to keep playing it, and our friends who haven't yet bought it to get out there and fork-out some dosh - if only the 99p for the cassette! God is great! d: aren't bad either!!!

> gremlin says

18! Bit down on the midweek & lower than See The Star, but amazing considering the lack of play. And to beat other big new entries (of comparable music style) like Muse and Smashing Pumpkins, which both got much more media coverage is incredible. Every step gets bigger, every step gets better - its a Its a long, slow journey to the recognition they have deserved for years, but I can't wait to arrive.

> Sarah says

Nick- The camp was fantastic. Worship stuff went well. I am now dead, like completely! As for Martin's hair, I agree 'individual'!! Oh, and I got my guitar sold-hello Yamaha!!

> Julie says

Hey guyz, I just wanna echo what everyone else has said really, the boyz dun good! It was lower than See The Star but I think they did well considering thay had such a lack of airplay. I thought the cds were great and no matter how tacky people say 'Jesus Blood' was, it nearly reduced me to tears as well. You can just feel the passion in it and it made me feel so proud of them after all the critisms they have had to deal with over their music not bein 'christian' enough. I went to see them @ guilford on Saturday which was excellant. The spirit of it all was brilliant and stuff started gettin pretty emotional as deeper was played. There was such a sense we're all in it together. I also got me drumstix signed by Stew (the man!) which was groovy! Its only a matter of time before people sit up and take notice of the fact we're not goin anywhere. In the words of Martin 'I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm not backing down!!!' That sayz it all really. I just pray the guyz dont lose their vision and get dishearted coz with god, anything's possible!!! DELIRIOUS, YOU ROCK, GOD BLESS YA... :p

> Estelle says

Hi its me again!, I was listening to the pepsi chart show this afternoon, to see where the guys got and to my surprise they didn't appear in the chart at all, I've just been to the pepsi chart site and checked, and I didn't miss them, they were not in the chart according to them! Not even at no 40! I've left a message on their message board and if you also feel strongly about this it would be cool if loads of you guys did too! (the address is www.pepsichart.co.uk then go to the message board as easy as that!) The pepsi chart boasts that it is based on sales and air play, but judging from this they are purely based on Air play (cos they don't get any on Southern FM! or many others for that matter!) there were a few other messages from D: fans but lets really go for it here! Bye for now, Look forward to seeing those messages! Estelle

> Nick says

Wow! Has it been a good week or what!! This last week has almost felt like we were back in the long past days of Cutting Edge where we really all were part of it, it's been one great ride and this is thanks to the Guys, d: themselves, with, of course, a major contirbution from the Spurious? dudes and *a bit* of a helping hand from our Father.....In His Name, thanks guys...nick

> ciara says

Right - here's what every Deliriou5? fan should do befroe friday ! get loadsa people to send emails to Top of the Pops, asking them to get the band on the show this week ! They certainly deserve it ..... "It's OK" is amazing !


> James R says

Has radio 1 been playing Its OK? Great news for going in at No.18, D: certainly have worked hard at promoting it. But only thought is a brand new song would of been better? Don't get me wrong - a big fan, stuff on both singles really good (esp. Jesus Blood). When are they gonna tour? cant wait and dont forget Exeter!!!

> Phil says

Top single, top trax, "It's OK" haunts me...Jesus Blood shakes me to the core. Delirious? - more than just a band.

> chris says

yesterdays chart placing proves that d: and we are not backing down and the longer Radio 1 ingnores us the worse it makes it self out to be. Every new boy band or dance act with next to no following gets playlisted while a real group with huge numbers of highly dedicated fans and 4 top 20's is ignored. It just makes Radio 1 look like a joke. Yes - Nick camp was blinding (not literally) and worship was great. Ewan bought Sarah's Ovation so I'm going to help him learn.

> Dave Jones says

The boys wre amazing at Birmingham and the single is sheer quality too. The 18 spot was well deserved so, hopefully, more people may be brought to the music and hear God for themselves. Keep up the good work lads.

> Benny Boy says

Great to see the guys at no. 18! Let's hope they get more recognition now... One thing that's occurred to me while I've been thinking about Delirious, is that although they are being ignored by the likes of the media, they've brought a lot of people together, in many forms, a prime example being Spurious, and it's like we're sort of a family (cheesy, I know, but it's true)... anyone else feel the same? A huge and well deserved "Alright Mate" goes to... Al Duncan, Stevie P. , Kendall ('cos you know you're an angel!), Marianne, Andy Fletcher and the house group gang, all my friends at Broadmead, Chris Clemo, Jooles Begooles and anyone else who knows me and actually reads this :-) I'm such a pain, aren't I? Keep living for Jesus, guys! Deerpants Online - http://www.deerpants.freeuk.com/

> Matthew Norris says

Has anyone checked out the Radio 1 message board "The Sound of 2000" recently? It's covered with d: shouts! There's not a lot else there at the moment... all I can say is great!