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> Copyright Material

We hope that Spurious is the best Delirious? fan site on the web, but you may notice that we don't have a few things that other delirious sites have, such as song details (lyrics, music, tabs, etc) and actual playable music (Real or MP3).

When we setup the site, we did want to include such items, but furious? (the current delirious? record label) asked us not to, and instead pointed out that all music was available in sheet form from www.delirious.co.uk. You may find music on other sites that we link to. We don't put the links on our site because the targets contain material that we don't have, we put them there because we think that the sites we link to are good as a whole.

Having said that, we do believe that even though furious? are perfectly within their rights to enforce total copyright control, we think it would not harm their copyright in any way if we were to publish lyrics and tabs on our site (not full music). That way, people could get the basic idea of how the songs went from Spurious, and then buy the sheet music as and when they wanted to perform it fully.

Also, we think having short snippets of delirious songs in MP3 or RealAudio format could in fact be of benefit to Delirious. Indeed, music sites such as www.amazon.com provide exactly the sort of actual music we would like to provide, with the sole hope that someone will buy music from their site on the strength of the preview. The official delirious site even has a few such snippets, and we hope that we will be allowed to offer a more comprehensive service on Spurious in the future. We would not publish entire songs in a high quality form (eg MP3 at greater than or equal to 112 kbps) as this is just blatent piracy.

> Opinions Disclaimer

One of the main aims of Spurious is that it provides a place where everyone can voice their opinions of Delirious (good or bad). Because of this, some of the views expressed on this site might not actually be the views of the spurious team.

If you have any questions about our policy, please feel free to email us