so what is spurious?
and who's asking?

The idea for this web site arose whilst I sat and pondered a new angle to take with the Delirious? fan page I was about to design. Looking around and the large number of Delirious? web pages around on the net, it was clear that very many people were trying to get by on very little information. So the idea for a united site was born.

I chucked the idea to the bods in the Delirious? news group,, who were enthusiastic, and so a small team was formed to handle the project.

With many people working together on the one site, we are able to offer something that no other Delirious? sites (including the official ones) can do. We are able to present information and balanced opinions. With the extra weight that a team project brings, we have been able to bring you the biggest Delirious? fan site available.