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Delirious?: Update 26.April.99


Dear d:friends

Today is April 26th and we are shooting a video for a B-side track called 'In The Pursuit Of Happiness' and we're trying to a do a sixties rip-off thing. It's destined to become a cult classic I'm sure! Hopefully this will appear on a CD-ROM if we decide to release another single.

With regards to the next single, as you gathered 'See The Star' went in at number 16 and then went out again because we couldn't find any radio to commit to it. So it's left us very careful as to doing the right thing next and not wanting to release another single automatically, but wanting to plan it very carefully if we do do it. So we are trying our best to encourage Radio 1 to get on our side again, please don't send any heavy emails to them, but if you do email them please be encouraging.

Today is my first day back at work after having a week off, being at home, as my wife gave birth at 4.51am on Saturday 17th April…we had a little boy and we have called him Noah. So I've been looking after her as she had to have an emergency caesarean, but everyone's healthy now….we've got a healthy little boy which is great news.

On Friday 16th we shot a video for the song Gravity which is going to be the first single released in America through Virgin and Sparrow Records. We shot it in a castle in Lympne near Folkestone in Kent, and I think it's going to look fantastic. On the way home at 1.30am, my wife Anna phoned me up to tell me the baby was on the way and could I rush home. I got home at 2.30am and we immediately rushed to the hospital - arriving there at 3am - so that was quite a day!! Somewhere along the line I seemed to miss a night's sleep but there's nothing more rock and roll than seeing a child being born.

Well, life in the Delirious? Camp is manic as usual - we're rehearsing for the Mezzamorphis tour and the new songs are sounding great. It was really cool to meet everyone at the HMVs two weeks ago whilst we were promoting the new album, and to hear that you are really into it. A lot of people saying that it takes a few listens to get into, but soon begin to love it. It's been great to hear that last year's work is paying off. We're also getting great reviews as well, including The Sun and The Times - check out Rock Sound magazine too. Also, hopefully there'll be a review in Mojo and Q next month so it'll be good if it appears there. Some of you also realised that we had a big mess up with our mail out telling you when the album was out and about the HMVs. Our mailing house basically messed up and told us that they'd sent it all out 10 days before the 12th April but they mislaid the sacks at the back of their warehouse and only sent them on 12th April, but there you go, we'll live to fight another day, as they say.

Thanks for everyone that turned up to the HMV gig at Oxford Street; it was great to see your faces when Neil Morrisey walked on. The story behind meeting Neil is that Stu G and I were mixing the album in LA in January and we were running along the beach (well Stu G was running and I was trying to keep up with him!!) when we saw Neil on the beach and said 'Hello' to him. He was on his own so we invited him out for the evening and took him to a party held by the boss of Virgin Records. We hung out there and we stayed in contact when we got home, and it looks like he's become a major fan!

I said earlier that we're rehearsing for the Mezzamorphis Tour right now and we know that you're going to love all the visuals that Andy Hutch is working on right now. And from what I can gather from him it's just going to be spectacular so we can't wait to see you. I think there's a few tickets left but not many so don't leave it too long to get them. On the Pre-Morphis Tour I'd mentioned that we'd recorded a duet with Amy Grant and that went really well. It's out on an album called 'Streams' released by Word Records, which will be appearing in the UK sometime in May. It was a privilege to be able to record that and we're amazed at some of the opportunities that we've been given. June and July takes us to America again and we're also looking forward to being at Soul Survivor and seeing all you people there.

Thanks for all your support, it doesn't go unnoticed, and we're continually blown away by you getting out there and buying the records We'd love to hear what you think of the album, so please email us as we read everything.

Thanks again




Random Press Morsels

Date: 25th March 1999

Delirious are celebrating their third Top 20 single this week. 'See the Star' is currently at No.16 and confirms the band's status as the most successful product of the UK's fledgling Christian rock scene. That said, Stu G and Jon from the band are keen that people judge them for their music first, rather than focussing on their beliefs: "Obviously, we have a faith but at the moment in time we’d like to major on the music and kind of get a bit of respect for the music we make, just like any other band, really", they told Radio One. "We feel that we’ve built up our following, just like any other band. We’ve been quite successful, having two Top 20’s and I think it’s starting to speak for itself. We hope that people like the music first of all".

They say they’re benefitting from the massive Christian rock market in the States: "In America it’s a huge industry - in the UK it’s not, which is why we do have a faith and stuff but we want to make it the same way that everybody else does and every other band does. So we’re going the same routes, really". And they add: "We’re very excited about the Virgin release this year, and the way that they’re so keen to take it into the pop market. So that’s really encouraging".


21st March 1999

Delirious? See The Star Chart Commentary by James Masterton

Another act returning to hitmaking ways after a long period away are Delirious?, last seen in the Top 40 in 1997 with their two singles Deeper and Promise, both of which reached a rather coincidental Number 20. Despite slightly more extensive radio support for this new release the band remain something of an enigma, albeit one which is surely about to turn into widespread mainstream recognition. The fact that they can go away for two years and return apparently with their existing support still intact is extremely encouraging.


Date: May 1999

Heaven Sent by Nick Smith

Delirious? have had two Top 20 singles and their last album entered the charts at number 13. They're British yet they've also sold 250,000 records in the States. They've sold out Brixton Academy and Glasgow Barrowlands so why haven't you heard of them? Delirious? are a deeply ambitious band. Trouble is, they're also Christians. Shouldn't be too much of a problem you'd think. After all, if they were Buddhists or Moslems and selling that amount of records the British press would have seized on to them. Even Satanists get front covers nowadays. Unfortunately coming from Littlehampton and being Born Again seems to mean they're deemed uncool. It's something guitarist Stu G accepts with a sigh. "It's frustrating. We've skirted around the outside of the industry and been in the charts. Having come from the Christian scene we've never quite made it. It was always underground. I think the new album will change it." Indeed it will.

Mezzamorphis is a modern indie rock record that owes a debt to the likes of Radiohead, U2 and the Manic Street Preachers. It's hardly like listening to a Sunday sermon in a dusty old church. The problem is that they haven't had a big record company to back them up. "We started selling demos at gigs and selling one paid for the next one and it just grew," explains Stu. "So we're still all hands on but as we've got bigger we've been able to employ people. Now we're waiting to find out what happens worldwide as we've got a load of labels interested. We're now with Virgin in America, but we'd sold 200,000 there before that deal." Was that just through the Christian network? "Yeah, but it's more important for us to crack it here. The music is more important than the religious background."

Listening to Mezzamorphis it's by no means obvious that the band are religious but surely people can be put off going to see Delirious? because they think it's going to be one big prayer meeting. Stu disagrees. "Live, we have a big show with loads of images but they're inspired by the songs, there's no hidden agendas, no subliminal Jesus on a cross kinda things. We're selling out big venues so we're getting a much broader range of people now. We're not trying to save the world. We're just a great band and we want to entertain as many people as possible. It would be great to walk out the door and hear someone down the end of the street singing one of our songs." That's a dream that may not be too far away. Their single 'See The Star' has been picking up airplay around the country. It's also deeply catchy and very uplifting. So are all the songs about being happy? "Lyrically we deal with every day bits and pieces. On our new album there are some quite dark things because dark things happen and we all have tough lives, but if there is a message in there it is one of hope and also perpetual change. The song 'Metamorphis' is about change, being pulled in different directions which from our point of view is being pulled by the Church or the mainstream." So are you all part of a Church? "Yeah, but that's our personal thing. The band is more a business than a ministry." It seems like business it ticking over nicely. It shouldn't be long before Delirious? claim their rightful place as one of Britain's brightest new bands. Go on, check them out, you'll be surprised.




Mezzamorphis -the second studio album - went into the UK charts at number 25 on Sunday 18th April. It seems that there were a few big hitters out that week, so competition was stiff. Still, we were all totally blown away by your response and want to send a big D:style thank you to every one of you.

Remember your geography lessons? Well, this whole music biz thang is bit like longshore drift - the thing that happens when the sea comes up onto a beach, takes a few pebbles and then deposits them further on down the coast. Now you may not think that moving the odd pebble is going to have much impact, but over the years the sea can shift miles of beach, completely transforming the coastline. And so it is with music - a chart entry here, a TV appearance there; it might not sound like much, but over time it all stacks up. We’re in it for the long run: shifting pebbles today and changing landscape tomorrow.


If you’ve been out scouting for news you might have come across D:mentions in such rags as Rock Sound (positive) and Melody Maker (confusing). There should be a few more around, so keep ‘em peeled. There are a few more TV things in the bag too, among them C5’s Alpha Zone (6th June) and The Sunday Show (9th June). One of the most exciting things to have happened is an invitation to plug in at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. What’s more, this is a mainstage appearance (on 27th June), and represents a bit of a first for the band. Sort yourself out and meet us there..


There’s a new range of ultrafine d:garments on their way. At the moment a fresh batch of t’s, belts, hats and other treats are being manufactured, and a new catalogue is being designed. You can expect to be able to clothe yourself before the summer kicks in. You can pick up your copy of the new catalogue on the Mezzamorphis tour.


The mother of all tours is about to start, and tickets are almost gone. If you’re quick you might still be able to get some, so call 0115 912 9117 without delay. At present the boys are rehearsing solidly for the gigs - working on some brand new material as well as making sure that the Mezzamoprhis experience transfers seamlessly to the live show. Mr Hutch is working on some stunning visuals, and the word on the street is that the show is going to be 101% stunning. Join us, if you dare.