dnews twenty the fourth
does it rock? yea baby, yea!

**** Q U O T E ****
Q: What do you do if you forget the words to a song live?
Martin: (humorously) "Do a few Ia Ia las. Make it look like it's a God
moment and that I'm under the influence."

**** Contents ****
New Album
d:brief - Christian Herald
Cross Rhythmns Article
Furious? Insider Says
New Furious? Records Employee
Meet Furious? Records
What Next For d:?
Toronto Gig Review 1
Toronto Gig Review 2

**** New Album ****
Rumours abound about the next delirious? release - and there have been hints
flying around the scene. But, in a Spurious? exclusive, we have unofficial
confirmation from a Furious? insider as to the next album. Release date is
set for the month of July - probably the end - and you probably won't be
able to buy the album in your local high street stores, so more details to
come from Furious? on that. Although the style of the album is, as yet,
unknown, the fact that it's scheduled to be a non-mainstream release
indicates a "Christian"-style album as opposed to a "secular" style album.
As such, it seems unlikely that "Show Me Heaven" will appear on it (the
lyrics are Mezzamorphis-style) although it could contain "Everything" and
will most likely be a full-length album (approximately 12 tracks). This
issue of dnews contains all the articles with reference to the new
delirious? album so you can draw your own conclusion.

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**** d:brief ****
2000 starts more than OK
News from the Delirious? camp with Craig Borlase

Well, it's been quite some time since we last had you in here for a briefing
on the latest movements on the Delirious? front.

True to form the five perky chaps have been up to their usual blend of chart
assaults, global travel and studio gold-digging. Yet again, things have
gone better than expected and the vibe in the team right now is most
definitely on the up.

First the year kicked off with trips down under. The Australians took to
the band in much the same way that the band took to the Australians: love at
first sight and apparently they're missing each other already.

Then there was the single. Ah yes, It's OK. And OK it most certainly was.
Radio play may have been slightly shy in coming forth but the appearance on
The Big Breakfast simply has to go down in d:history as one of their best
pieces of media exposure yet. At the end of the week, the number 18 chart
placing was a real winner and everyone went home with smiles on their faces.

Finally, there's the studio. Martin and Stu G have been holed up penning
tracks for the forthcoming album. It's going ot be a sneaky one and the
rumour-mongers are already pedalling their wares. Details are still a
little on the sketchy side, but one thing's for sure, with the recording of
Mezzamorphis so far back in the past, this album is going to see the band on
top form.

For more info keep it CH. I promise you that you'll be the first to find
out, both about this and the forthcoming UK dates that the band will be
playing at the start of the summer.

This time of the year is always slightly quieter than others, but for Stew,
Jon and Stu G, the prospect of a well-earned rest seems to be well and truly
denied. The three are training for the Flora London Marathon, and are
hoping to raise cash for Hope 10-10. The money will help contribute towards
the setting-up of a 38-bed education, healthcare and training centre for
toddlers infected and affected by HIV in Soweto, South Africa.

They're currently on the look-out for sponsors, so if you fancy paying to
see the three of them go through extreme agony, visit www.delirious.co.uk or
call the office on 01243 55844.

~ from the Christian Herald (www.christianherald.org)
~ used with kind permission

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**** Cross Rhythms Article ****
"In a surprise announcement Delirious? have spoken about their plans for
their next album to be a worship project. Following on from their latest
chart success with 'Its OK', which entered the British charts at number 18,
the Littlehampton band's Tim Jupp spoke to Cross Rhythms about Delirious?'
return to praise and worship. 'We're going to put some songs down which are
a collection of more church songs, if you like, a bit more like early
Cutting Edge stuff. There have been a few songs around which never got
recorded, and there's been one or two written in the meantime which haven't
naturally fitted onto the last couple of albums. Nevertheless, we feel it
would be great to get them out. Who knows, there may even be two albums
this year."

~ from the April/May issue of Cross Rhythms Magazine
~ www.crossrhythms.co.uk - used with permission

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**** Furious? Insider says ****
A Furious? Records employee has let slip that "delirious? will be bringing
out a new album at the end of july, that should be really exciting, you're
probably be able to get your copy at soul survivor or stoneleigh." The
employee, known as Agent M, also said "cutting edge 5? boy, am i fed up
with that!...no name has been decided (but i can say that it will probably
not be cutting edge 5 - thank goodness!)." Comfortably, Agent M promised
that "as soon as I have a name for it and that I can give you more info, I
will let you know."

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**** New Furious? Records Employee ****
As Agent M spills the beans on the most-closely guarded secret in
Littlehampton, Furious? Records swells in number with the addition of one
Jonathon Brown into the starting line-up. He starts working in May and
Furious? will be giving out more d:tails as the time approaches. But, if you
can't wait to find out who he is, Britlinks (www.britlinks.co.uk) has
already revealed that:

Jonathan Brown, who currently runs Word UK is moving to Delirious' Furious?
Records to help develop the label. A full announcement from Furious? is
expected soon and Word are working hard to fill the gap which Jonathan's
departure will leave. It looks likely that the label will be expanding its
roster over the coming months, although this has yet to be confirmed. We'll
bring you more details as they are announced.

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**** Meet Furious? Records ****
Siezing upon the addition of Jonathon Brown to the staff, it's time to
implement a little idea I've been sitting on - Meet Furious? Records. Yes,
over the next few issues of dnews, each member of Furious? Records' backroom
staff will be invited into the metaphorical Spurious? offices to answer a
few questions from our seasoned interviewers. Questions will include the
obvious (what job they do, how they do it, fave d: song etc) and the bizarre
(marmite: love it or hate it?, organic farming: worth it?). Along with this,
we hope to be getting some photos of the new Furious? offices (apparently
looking very professional and all that). For this issue, though, we'll just
give you a low-down of the staff currently on the Furious? roster.

Tony Potato - delirious? manager king
Emma Herbert - admin queen
Nykki Murphy - office queen
Giles L - graphic designer king
Andy Hutch - photography & video king
Paul Burton - ground zero king
Ian Cattle - tour organiser king
Paul Smith - sales, marketing, merchandise king

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**** What Next For d:? ****
Jenny says, "As for your question 'what next for d:? well it seems obvious
to me, since boybands are doing so well now and they're all male they need
to reinvent themselves completely, a few naff dance routines, some well
chosen covers and cheesy lyrics about love and they'll be well on their

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**** Toronto Gig Review 1 ****
Well, last night. Last night! Zow! Delirious in Toronto. My first d: gig,
after 1.5 years of wannabe-hardcore fanning via ... well, if you must know,
the internet. But: zowee!

We stood in line freezing our tuches off in a freak April snow storm weather
for what seemed like a "freezing" long time; inside, it turned out that
'Queensway Cathedral' is one of those modern church buildings, very spacious
inside. Must seat something like 2500-3000, and while the attendance was not
capacity, it was close enough to feel packed. Fair spectrum of teens,
university students, and parents / youth group chaperones, with the largest
representation by the high school crowd. There was a buzz of excitement. It
turned out to be well-deserved.

Opening band Capstone were pretty good. Rocky worship stuff. Crowd response
took a while to warm up, since people were still wandering and chatting bit
(I went and bought a delirious football jersey for too much money), but by
the end of their short set they had audience attention; with an obvious
last-minute change of plans they sang 'He takes me to his banqueting table',
with everyone singing along.

When the host-person came out and thanked Capstone, it was like a dam
burst - a seriously hilarious visual image: *streams* of kids pouring down
the aisles to the front in delirious anticipation. It all happened amazingly
quickly. But the host-person told them to go back to their seats, and World
Vision did a talk & video & passed out child-sponsorhip pamphlets, after
which there was an intermission.

The first rush had used up the kid-energy-anticipation level. So, armed with
kleenex earplugs and a "Show Me Heaven" sign in my pocket, I made a beeline
to the front with two of my friends. There was about 12 feet between the
stage and the first row of pews, enough for plenty of people to squish like
sardines, which we did. We started about 10 feet back, right in front of
Martin's mike.

When the lights went out and the crowd went wild, we were suddenly 8 feet
from the stage. Despite having flown from a concert in Alberta the night
before, Martin came jogging out, ran over to the right, and jumped onto the
crowd! After a little surf he got back onstage, and the bass rang out. There
is a light (his name is Jesus), then right into a rippin' Bliss. Up front,
it was wonderful mayhem. No moshing (to my joy), just high-energy pogoing.
So synchronized was the jumping during Bliss that it was like a great big
400-person bellow pumping sweaty, hot air with every jump. This was my first
pogo-concert experience. Deeelight! Then Louder Than The Radio, and Did You
Feel The Mountains Tremble? flowing into There is a light and then more
Mountains chords for quite a while, fooling around. During the pause before
I'm Not Ashamed, I flashed my Show Me Heaven sign at Martin, who seemed to
notice, but didn't really respond. There were some j*rks behind me who were
very aggressively pushing to the front (with no mercy on the 13-year-old
girls), so I was now about 5 feet from the stage. Just in time for Follow.

Martin got everyone singing the chorus at the end, and I could tell he was
going to step out into the pit. He did, holding the mic as the chorus was
sung over and over. Now, in the surge to touch Martin, I was pushed along,
and found myself holding his boot with my hand. As I sang, I had a few
thoughts going through my head. First, "Hey, this is cool!" Secondly, I
remembered someone's criticism [on the d-fans list] that the crowd could be
singing to the band rather than God; I tried to think of God, with limited
success... but I also noticed that Martin pointed up, which I thought was
great. Thirdly, and most revealingly, I thought, "Hey! I'm like Adam
Kirkman! Yeah! I'm a real fan like Adam!" [editor's note: I'm not sure if
I'm worried or flattered!] After he went back on stage, I was now right
there with only two people and a shoulder between me and the stage.

Sanctify was next, again with lots of time at the end during which the crowd
sang the chorus. And a precious Kiss Your Feet. There was a pause as the
band collected themselves and gave us a little rest. As Martin tuned a bit,
I called to him, "Can you play show me heaven?" I was very gratified when he
looked up at me and smiled, so I held up the sign. He seemed to chuckle, and
looked over at Stu G. Then...well,...Martin introduced the song, "This is a
song we've been playing... ," he paused, looked at me, and said, "why don't
you come up here?" Before I understood what was going on, I had hefted
myself onstage (probably smiling like a goof), and I held up my sign to the
crowd. Then I look at Martin, gestured towards the mike, and leaned over to
it, declaring "Show Me Heaven!!" Then, I was back down where I was before.
Hello? Excited? Yeeeehaaaaaw!

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear any of the words, because the sound wasn't
very good right up front -- the drums drowned out the vocals. But it was
rockin. And I was flyin' high. They moved into It's OK. I was distracted cos
a bunch of guys near me were noisily begging the security folks for water,
which was too bad. Gravity, very rockin Heaven, good Metamorphis. Last,
History Maker. After singing it, Martin talked for a while about what it
means to go out make a difference, and his vision of "this generation'"
making a difference, to lots of cheering, and then we sang the chorus again.

Before they went offstage, Martin was presented with a framed plaque for
some neat news: Cutting Edge has now been certified gold in Canada. Good

The encore was as expected. All the Way, and an energetic Deeper. Now, a
girl in front of me, wearing a bunny-ears haircomb thingy, had been waving
frantically at Jon the whole concert, and then had thrown him her bunny
ears. During Deeper, another girl threw Martin some star-antennae; these two
fine gentlemen very obligingly wore the hairpieces during Deeper. Then threw
them back. What a well-behaved bunch.

~ Spurious? thanks to G. Daryn Mitchell for the review.

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**** Toronto Gig Review 2 ****
There is a kind of excitement in the air, that I've experienced only at a
delirious concert - the sort of static aniticipation of an impending storm,
so strong as to be almost substantial. Capstone opened up and they were
pretty good, they sang five or six songs, including two well known worship
songs so that was nice. After they were finished security guards dispersed
the crowd in front of the stage in order to show the world vision video. A
dense mosh pit then formed immediately afterwards as extremely enthusiastic
fans mobbed the stage, though delirious wasn't due to come on for another
half hour or so. Capstone had enjoyed a warm welcome but it wasn't much
compared to the eagerness with which now filled the crowd as the stage
prepared for delirious. Security tried to get the crowd to move back to now
avail; delirious' visits to Toronto aren't as frequent as we would all like,
and no one was giving up their spot. Delirious came on to be greeted by a
surging mob. After exchanging grins and Martin plunging into the crowd they
headed straight into well-known and loved Bliss. 2 feet away from the
stage, getting crushed by the mass of ardent fans and not wanting it any
other way, I was elated. Next came Louder than the Radio and introductions,
then Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble. My order of most of the rest of
the songs is probably a little off, just in advance warning. They played
Show Me Heaven, which is a really great song, I'm Not Ashamed and Follow -
during which Martin sang the last lines being held up by the crowd. I Could
Sing of Your Love Forever and Sanctify had a lulling sort of effect, with
everyone singing along, it was a beautiful moment. Metamorphis was done
with Martin's traditional removal of zippy sleeves to encouraging shouts
from the crowd. Heaven, Gravity, It's OK and Kiss Your Feet were also
received with fervent enthusiasm. By then the crowd, sensing the end was
near had begun shouting and chanting requests - Deeper, the Happy Song, and
Obsession were the favourites. So the band left us with History Maker and
stepped off, leaving us to cheer ourselves hoarse. We were rewarded with
All the Way and of course Deeper. It was such an awesome concert! Just a
few comments - what is all this about John never smiling? He smiled plenty!
He was also wearing a fuzzy bunny ears headband for the last few songs,
passed to him by a girl near the front, who also passed Martin a headband
with stars on springs on them (which he threw into the crowd after a while).
I left the concert sweaty, tired and happy, with just one thing on my mind .
. . when are they coming back?
~ Spurious? thanks Sahra for this review

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**** STOP PRESS ****
Jon, Stew and Stu G take part in the Flora London Marathon for Hope 10/10
today. Forgot to sponsor them? It's not too late to make a donation on
info@furiousrecords.co.uk (mark e-mails SPONSORSHIP).

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**** Plugs ****
As spurious.org proudly boasts Doug the Plug on the homepage, I feel that's
justification enough for giving some blatant plugs of other related websites
and e-letters that may interest some readers, but have been supportive of
Spurious? and dnews so as such deserve credit.

~ First up is the Britlinks website, an invaluable resource for finding out
about grass-roots (and not-so grass-roots) Christian bands in the UK. James
Stewart, the webmaster of Britlinks (http://www.britlinks.co.uk) promises
that there's "a range of changes" to come in the delirious? zone (including
a d: discussion board), but in the meantime there's some giveaways coming
tied in with the new Iona and Matt Redman albums, an extensive site facelift
and revamping of the database to make it more user-friendly. They also run a
newsletter which contains details of site updates, and have a CD/MP3
giveaway each month of the best indie release that month. Well worth a look.

~ it's new. it's shiny. it's still got that cellophane wrapper on it. it's
re:generation and it's at http://www.re-generation.co.uk. toeing the line in
an increasing liberal world, the site is a forum for young Christians or
just those interested in Christianity (or maybe even someone who accidently
stumbled on the site while looking for technical details on regrowing
half-dead plants) to share their thoughts, feelings, situations, opinions -
you name it, you can talk about it here. the site isn't associated with any
church or organisation that could potentially bash you with a bible, so all
are welcome to contribute to the five zones [feature zone / fun:zone /
groups list / q+a / events zone]. the inspirationally title 'feature zone'
contains, erm, features, but the fun:zone - like the whole site - allows you
to have *your* say, as you can add jokes, stories and links to the already
existing gems. you can find out more about local youth groups or add your
own in 'groups list', while the q+a section does it exactly what it says in
the title, allowing you to post replies or questions to challenging issues
like the existence of God, pre-destination and what's on telly tonight. the
events zone is a comprehensive list of events that you can contribute to
with details of events you're going to or are putting on. just in case you
haven't picked up the theme of the site yet, it's *your* website. you can
contribute to every section, and if we haven't got a section for what you
want to contribute...we'll make it!! sound interesting? well, get your
bodyboards out for some serious surfin' and help make re:generation the best
it can be by telling anyone you think would be interested. thanks for your

~ last up is QUORUM, a semi-regular newsletter with reviews of CCM releases
and CCM news. So why am I plugging this? Most likely because all the
delirious?-related stuff is written by me, and I have a ruthless hand
outside Spurious?, for dnews is checked with Furious? Records. QUORUM,
however, allows me to say the nitty-gritty as I want to...subscribe at
http://www.jesusfreak.com/musicweb/lists/ or send a blank e-mail to
quorum-subscribe@egroups.com (having said that, Furious? are wonderful and
don't gag us at all...I was just trying to link stuff in).

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**** d:end? ****
July promises to be a fantastic month. Not only do my exams end then, not
only am I going to Prague on a holiday, not only do delirious? release a new
album, not only does Spurious? have some potentially mouth-watering events
planned for the new album, not just all that - but also in July comes the
release of the fourth Harry Potter book. Brilliant. Could it be the best
month of the year?

Here's hoping.

Adam, Adrian, Mike, Scooby

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