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Cutting Edge 1 + 2 1993/4

Message of the Cross 
Singers Song 
Lord you have my heart 
What is this thing called love 
The Crucible for Silver 
Thank you for saving me 

The Happy Song 
Prophet Song 
King of Love 
Coming Back 
Lead me 
I could sing of you love forever 

Originally released as separate albums on tapes, this album includes such worship classics like Thank You For Saving Me, The Crucible For Silver, and I Could Sing of Your Love Forever. Stuart Garrard didn't come onboard until number 2 and Jon Thatcher wasn't playing bass yet. More of a church worship style is displayed throughout the whole album. 

Cutting Edge 3 + Fore 1995

Did you feel the mountains tremble 
I've found Jesus 
Find me in the river 
Shaken Up 
I'm not ashamed 
Oh lead me 

Louder than the radio 
You split the earth 
When all around has fallen 
I've searched for Gold 
Shout to the North 
All I want is you 

Includes a lot of the songs they play live now. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, I've Found Jesus, Oh Lead Me, I'm Not Ashamed, Louder Than the Radio, and Obsession. Includes many quieter acoustic songs and my personal favorite, All I Want is You. Number 4 saw them finally settle on their current line-up as Jon Thatcher started playing bass. Definitely a cutting edge album with some songs for the church and some for the street. 

Delirious? - Cutting Edge US RELEASE 1998
With the same tracks (although in a slightly different order) as the UK Cutting Edge albums, the US Cutting Edge release is a double CD including all four albums. 

Live & In The Can 1996

I'm not ashamed 
Did you feel the mountains tremble 
Oh Lead me 
Come Like you promised 
What a friend I've found ? 
I've found Jesus 
Lords Prayer 
From the back of the CD: This album was recorded between January & August 1996, it captures the very best tracks & spontaneous music which make a delirious? gig so unique. 
It has 17 tracks and 9 of them are spontaneous!! Includes the classics from CE 3/4 and one new track: Come Like you Promise. Truly a great worship CD filled with passion and fun. 

White Ribbon Day 1997  SINGLE

White Ribbon Day (Radio Edit) 
White Ribbon Day 
Absolutely Absolute 
White Ribbon Day (Two Mile Free Fall) 

Deeper 1997 SINGLE
Deeper (Radio Edit) 
Louder Than The Radio (Remix) 
Come Like You Promise (Live) 
King of Fools UK release: June 1997 US release: May 19, 1998

Revival Town 
All the Way 
August 30th 
King or Cripple 
Hands of Kindness 
White Ribbon Day 
King of Fools 
History Maker 
What A Friend I've Found 


Deeper (new mix) 
Revival Town (new recording) 
All the Way 
August 30th 
King or Cripple 
Hands of Kindness 
Louder Than the Radio (new version) 
White Ribbon Day 
King of Fools 
History Maker 
What A Friend I've Found 

This is their first studio album as Delirious? It is their attempt at breaking out of the walls of the Church and onto the streets and secular music. Ranging from guitar driven rock (Promise, King or Cripple) to intimate slow songs (Hands of Kindness, All the Way) this is a great debut! It sometimes lacks something but definitely deserves a place on the radio!!  Sound quality is better. The new version of 'Revival Town' kicks butt I think. It was one of my least favorites but I like it now. I don't really like the new version of 'Louder Than The Radio' though. It's overproduced I think. Too much going on in it. 
Promise (Radio Edit) 
Deeper (Mark Edwards Summertime Mix) 
You Split The Earth (New Recording) 
Promise (Live Acoustic Version) 
Deeper (Mark Edwards Prophet Mix) 

Deeper (Radio Edit) 
Summer Of Love 
Sanctify (Live @ Wembly) 
Another attempt at the charts with a cracking song :) 
Includes the only version of Touch available. 

d:tour 1997 LIVE ALBUM

Game Over? 
Come Like You Promise 
Summer Of Love 
Hands of Kindness 
King Or Cripple 
I'm Not Ashamed 
King Of Fools 
History Maker 
All The Way 
A really nicely done live album including some great songs. The version of King Or Cripple is particulary good, and is arranged as I believe it always should have been - but that's just my opinion ;) 

A must for anyone who's attended any of the KOF era gigs, and a bargain too - about 9UKP ISTR. 

A View from the Terraces TOUR VIDEO

Live performaces of loads of songs from the King Of Fools album.  Adventures with a JVC Digi-Cam. The perfect visual accompaniment to d:tour 1997 

See The Star 1999 TWO SINGLES
1: See the Star 
2: Follow 
3: See the Star (d:llatrix Dub) 
1: See the Star 
2: Obsession (Odsession Remix) 
3: See the Star Video (Enhanced CD ROM) 

Mezzamorphis 1999 UK RELEASE: MAY 12 (US RELEASE: JUNE 08)

Mezzanine Floor
It's OK
See The Star
Beautiful Sun
Love Falls Down
Kiss Your Feet
Jesus' Blood (US release only)
Deeper 99 (US release only)
The latest, the greatest, the album with the most made up words.