room 101
straight down the corridor, first on the left

> Background

Every now and then, the mood takes those on the delirious? emailing list to come up with silly 101 lists. (OK, it's usually me who starts them).
The first was prompted by the stickers those of us on Furious?'s UK mailing list received in the post. Lovely stickers .. but where to stick them? So that's the first list.

The second list is '101 ways to get your friends to buy See The Star', and came about while pondering exactly how to make sure d: were getting as much public exposure as possible. I'm not sure how many of these were actually put into practise, but knowing the guys on the list, probably more than you'd think!

Anyway, enough of me .. on with the lists! (More to follow).

> 101 places to stick your delirious? sticker

> 101 ways to get your friends to buy See The Star

> 101 things to do while waiting for It's OK to be released

> 101 reasons to play It's OK