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> Ben says

I can definitely say there's a different sound on the new d:
CD...mostly for the better. I like the fairly more "intense" style of this
CD that is shown on songs like "Heaven" and "Bliss" and I also like the
sound of the opener, "The Mezzaninine Floor."

There was kind of a problem. I bought the Virgin records copy from a best
buy store, and it had the songs "Kiss your feet," and "Jesus' blood" cut
out, and all the songs were out of order from another CD I had seen. Does
anybody know what's up with this?

Spurious? say
The previous track lists you had seen would have been one released by Sparrow.
There is nothing wrong with it, it was just tailored more for the secular market.

> Kelly-girl says

Well...after a great performance, I met Deliriou5? at Creation '99.
They were all very nice. I started to sweat a bit, though, because some guy
back there videotaped me and the object that I had gotten autographed (a
painting). The reason I panicked is because a few people behind that little
autograph table were trying to talk to me and ask questions, but I couldn't
understand a word of that accent! What I'm wondering is, three years from
now, will the members of Delirious be sitting around watching the video at
Creation '99 and be laughing hysterically at this foolish 18-year-old???


> Luke says

I don't care what all of the critics on this page say- Mezzamorphis
absolutely rocks!!! Delirious should not go back to KoF or Cutting Edge
even though it was good. The lyrics on Mezza are still great, and "Gravity"
and "Heaven" are two of the coolest songs ever! So Delirious, KEEP IT


> Daniel says

i have a question about the song "it's ok" on mezzamorphas..
it says *shes as pretty as hell and her eyes have no home*
what exactly does that mean. This is a christian group and I dont think
that represents christian morals by using hell in that sense. Can somone
tell me if I am wrong and what it means or is trying to say. I am confused

--ps: i DO NOT like mezzamorphas at all! the only song i like is deeper. but
I already
have WOW99ģ which has that song on it. In my opponion it was a
waste of my money.


> Mark says

hey guys...just wanted put my 2 cents in to all those complaining
about the mezzamorphis cd. if u just dont like it thats fine, but i am a
little disturbed about those saying it isnt annointed or its birthed of the
flesh, complaining it doesent mention Jesus etc. while delirious is knowm
for their songs that are so easily used in worship, can anyone deny that
part of what makes them so great is that they are so intimate and personal?
thats the key..the songs and music arent about pleasing your ears, they are
between delirious and God, you just get to listen in on them. yes they have
a record deal and fans, and im sure they are grateful for all of it, but if
they change the words or the music just so you will like it or understand
it, then thats when they have sold out. i found all of the songs on the
mezza cd to be personal, maybe they dont actually say the name of Jesus, but
these songs were for and to the Lord, they know what they mean, God knows
what they mean, and most of you know exactly what they mean too. most are
just concerned about unbelievers knowing, but all of my unsaved friends
also know exactly what they mean.

I guess the biggest difference i found about mezza wasnt the words but the
music. for those of you who think this is the biggest sign that theyve sold
out("it justs sounds wierd"), remember, musicians tend to absorb surrounding
influences, then it inevitably comes out in their writing.some of you
mentioned the record sounding like radiohead etc. delirious has always had
"their" sound while incorperating other influences. listen to the chord
progression on the Promise intro and then listen to hendrix's chord
progresion on Purple Haze and you can hear hendrix/stevie ray vaughan all
that songs solo. even live at 6flags in dallas, there were stage mannerisms,
not to mention music, reminiscent of U2(and to be there in that packed out
amphiteatre,while some 3500-4000 people worshipped,[even duringthe songs
from mezza,by the way]as rollercoasters whizzed by was indescribable, WOW).
i think they did they same on mezza, the songs are diffrent compared to the
other stuff, but it still has that delirious flavor, and they were known
for being CUTTING EDGE anyway. also, as a guitarist, i can say first hand
that musicians often go thru stages in their writing, sometimes they are one
way and a new sound or idea or feeling or emotion inspires them to go in a
completely diffrent direction. remember the best music comes from the heart
and soul, as does true worship. when i play a gig i dont worry about others
around i play only to worship Jesus. i exclude myself and just put myself
alone in a room with Him, and i play only for him, sometimes what i play is
soft and sweet, sometimes it is loud, distorted, flavored with wah wah
pedals or phasers, but it is always my worship straight from my heart, after
all, man looketh upon the outward appearance, whereas God looketh upon the


> GARRET says


Spurious? say
Please don't shout at us, were not deaf. :]


> The Christ lovin' Musician (and his two rats) says

I've read the comments about the selling out, I was suprised poeple
feel that way, as I have found the new album just as unashamably christian
as KoF, the lyrics to me seem just as if not more christian. The fact that
the bands musical style has changed, doesn't suprise me, they've played the
same stuff for three years and over that period of time I'm not surprised
they wanted to try something new, and over the last three years I've got
into different styles of music.
Maybe the new style has something to do with the increase in Stu G's input
into their music.

Anyway enough from me

The georgeous Henry boy

I think I saw Elvis at the cash 'n' carry buying gummi bears.

Anyone out there who went to SOUL SURVIVOR C

Spurious? say
Adam here went to Week C. email him: adam@spurious.org

> Marc Cadmore says

I have senn Deliriou5? three times this year and every time they rocked.

> Jim says

In reference to Jeff's August 14 comment:

Jeff, you will notice a funny looking question mark following the word
"delirious." DELIRIOUS? To the world, the gospel may make Christians seem
crazy and light headed. The band's name asks if they are crazy. Their music
proves they are quite sane but know, feel and possess something special.

"I want to go deeper, but is it just a stupid whim" - Martin asks if he is

"Oh I feel like dancing/ it's foolishness I know/ but when the world has
seen the light. they will dance with joy/ like we're dancing now." - Martin
says maybe the "worldly wise, anesthetised" are partly right. But who cares?
Christians are more right.



> Ron Fox says

Follow up:
My son and I went to the concert at Metropol in Pittsburgh, 9/18. I felt
conspicuous as the only balding old guy up front pressing the stage. The
show was awesome. The venue is very small and we were all squeezed in.
There was hardly any place for the band to move on the tiny stage. They
didn't really say anything between songs, but the songs spoke for
themselves. The song selection was great, cutting across all of their CDs.
When Martin got on his knees with eyes closed to sing "Kiss Your Feet" there
was no doubt what he was talking about. When they ripped into "I'm Not
Ashamed of the Gospel", "Did You Feel", and "Heaven", the crowd was singing
along at the top of their (our) lungs. I especially liked when they started
the Intro for "History Maker" Martin asked "Well is it true?". The crowd
errupted. We were in church - no doubt about it. In this day people won't
go to church, so you have to go and get them. Well, Delirious is going and
getting them. I previously said that nothing on the album 'jumped out at
me'. Some music jumps out at you and some grows on you. The Mezzamorphis
album has gotten under my skin like nothing else has. Songs that I didn't
care for on the CD, totally rocked live. I think there are two things we
want out of Delirious - 1) we want them to be our techno-dance, power pop,
rock and roll worship leaders, and, 2) we want to have a CD that you can
point to and say "This is a Christian CD". - Not obtuse poetry that only
their best friends understand. I think that they are continueing to deliver
on both counts, and pray that they never stop. Because if they keep on that
track they will accomplish what nobody else has ever done in Christian
music. Ever.


> Chris Lindsay says

What is peoples problem with "It's Ok" containing the lyric 'Hell'?

As Christians we know it is a real place that exists and to pretend other
wise would be very naive.

In secular culture to call someone as pritty as Hell would be a compliment
but in Christian terms (in which you have to see Delerious?) it most
certainly is not a compliment. The song speaks of someone polluted by wrong
causing all their beauty to run. In this context the use of the word Hell is
very appropriate.


> Craig Willms says

Just got the new CD after listening to King of Fools all summer. I
really like
King of Fools and am afraid the new one will have to grow on me. I liked
"It's OK"
right off and "See the Star" but the rest of it did not grab like King of
Fools did.
Deeper99 sounds much cleaner and stays true to the original, but hey, I
the original alot. Have no fear for the new album will grow on me because
music is very powerful. One gripe: I find all the little sound effects kind
distracting and really adding little to the songs. Any body else think so?

Spurious? say
The little sound effects do mean you can listen to a song over and over and
then one day you hear something in it you never heard before......which is cool.


> keijac says

Here's my take on It's ok. The word hell fits in the song. It had
to come somewhere, because it's the best word to describe what the speaker
is saying. His/her world feels like hell, but as always there is a hopeful
note. This song is depressed, but not the sort of depression that leads to
suicide, etc. Rather it is the sort that leads to greater faith and
dependence on Christ. In short, the word hell needs to be inserted in the
song, because to understand the song, the concept of hell has to enter you
mind as you listen. Feel free to disagree, I listen to lots of *gasp*
wicked secular bands, even have a few with warnings due to the amount of
profanity in them, so maybe i'm just not sensitive enough to this song's


> Juliet says

I have followed Delirious for years and I think
they get better and better. I can't believe that
they have managed to keep their faith with all

that they've been through. They are an amazing

band and I've seen them live 12 times! I also
have all of their c.d's tapes etc apart from the

video! I am 19 years old - does this tell you

that I'm sad or completely mad! Or else just a

massive fan!
The excellent thing about Mezzamorphis is that
can play it loudly in a hall and have people ask
you who it is and where they come from because
they like the music. What an amazing opportunity

to share about God and stuff! They have given me
more opportunities than I can count.

So thank you Delirious? and thank you God!


> Mark Spiers says

Iím not a Christian or religious at all. But one thing that I have
to say is Delirious are one Top band. A Christian friend of mine lent me
their CD- King Of Fools, but at first she didnít tell me that you guys are a
Christian band, not that I would of minded. But after listening to her copy
of the CD, I went out and brought a copy for myself. The music is so cool
that Iíve even splashed out on buying a T-shirt as well.

I would also like to thank the band for sending me a signed photo, as I do
collect rare music items. I would also like to know if there are any
other non-religious people out their who also like Delirious?


> Tammy Meazell says

Thank for the great music!
My three children and I love it! Even my teenager!
Saw the gig at Six Flags over Texas (in Arlington).

Great stuff but didn't have cash for t-shirts and can't find a US
distibutor. Guess I'll have to be patient.

Just so you know, Dallas,TX has a new radio station that plays the Christian
music more like yours. It's Power FM 89.7. Love it. They love you. Want
to release a new single, do it through them. You'll get an awsome response!

God's blessings to all of you (all ya'll in Texas speak) and your families.

Keep sharing your gifts and talents, we're listening.

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