interview with delirious?
do you want it sir?

This interview was originally recorded for New Life Radio a station that broadcasts every summer from Newton Abbot in Devon. Myself [mike] and John Watson presented a youth show every evening the previous year and were asked to do it again [because we were the absolute best presenters ever known to man : ...not].

In the search for enthralling content to complement the great music we came up with the outrageous idea of asking Delirious? to do an interview. After being handed from person to person at the wonderful record company that is Furious? we were eventually given a date. Fabulous. Now what on earth do we ask them? After getting some [useless] suggestions from the merry gang on the listserv we came up with a list of topics and questions to bring into the conversation.

Marvellous. Now to get there in one thing Furious? have very right is their map and directions [10 points there]. Arriving on time from Greenwich, London [where John and I live] to the beautiful white offices of Furious? Records where we were ushered up to the Play-Room [well that's what I'd call it with its sofas, TV and Austin Powers cut-out!]. Martin was on the phone trying to buy 20 plus mobile phones like the one they use in The Matrix [now you now why the tour tickets cost so much!!].

It was decided that Martin and Jon would do the interview and we settled on the sofa [after receiving drinks from the lovely Emma, to who my request for a hot-blackcurrant was wasted on ;) ]. The interview progressed well with John asking all the questions [as I have a boring voice] and the end result you can now judge for yourself!

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